Monday, October 2, 2023





Babita Spinelli

“Leadership is about using yourself as a tool to achieve objectives. It is learnable, but only if you are committed to serious self-development and self-care..”

Malwina Rewkowska
Gosia Sobolewska

“We believe in very strong customer service. Every piece of feedback from our customers is taken seriously..”

Jackie Roby

“Each person has their own style which I like to embrace and use their Human Design to lean into those unique traits.”

The good news is that we can all improve our happiness levels with daily practice.

Plus, why you should always remove grass cuttings from your lawn.

Erin O’Donnell

“Tapping into the unique strengths of your team and not trying to create clones of yourself might be hard in the short term, but rewarding in the long term”

Featured Article

“Launching a business is one thing, sustaining it and growing it with all the hard work and dedication is another. That is where passion comes in.”

Karen Boustany

“I tend to trust each new employee and give him or her the total responsibility of handling his or her position.”

The global food system lacks resilience because it is too focused on keeping down costs."

The Met Office issued its heatwave warning six days before the mercury peaked – potentially saving many lives."

Saima Shaheen

“At Suraya beauty, our clients learn that caring for the skin is a ritual they should be practicing daily and celebrate once a month with proper professional care”

Celene Dupuis

“I have always believed the only person you compete with is yourself. You choose what kind of person you want to be.”

Chardae Rodgers-Gamble

“The best thing I have done so far in my career is fulfill the needs of my clients and help others integrate into the clinical research industry.”

Susan Farquhar

“There are many different strategies when it comes to property investment and real estate… Don’t be afraid to make mistakes… Persistence and tenacity will eventually win”

Dr. Amy Fulton

“I think the more I have learned about myself through leadership retreats, assessments, readings, and podcasts, the more confident I have become in being my authentic self as a leader”

Carolyn Chrisman

“I am focused on making myself a better leader and helping others to become leaders.”

Delisa Harper

“Funky Mello inspires feel-good moments through better-for-you food"”

Seven key recommendations for mitigating the impacts of learning loss during the pandemic

The craze for crypto-currencies continues to grow. However, the environment is risky for investors, not only in terms of volatility, but also because of fraud."