Jackie Roby: Inspiring Change

Wellness is defined primarily as being in good physical and mental health. Because mental health and physical health are so closely linked, problems in one area can impact the other. In today’s fast-paced and ever-disruptive world, our wellness often takes a back seat, and we don’t even realize it until it’s too late.

Using the perfect harmony of Human Design and mental wellness practices, Inspired Journey Consulting guides individuals, groups, and immersive wellness resorts to discover and empower their authentic voices. Created and spearheaded by Founder and CEO, Jackie Roby, IJC’s vision is to enhance cultural wellness in the workplace, and grow emotional intelligence, healing, and self-love for a kinder, more inclusive world. “We help our clients take life in all its messiness, navigate it with more ease and joy, and walk through the world with an enhanced sparkle,” states she.

Igniting Possibilities to Shine Brighter

With more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in travel, Jackie holds the travel industry near and dear. Today she works closely with wellness and healing resorts, providing consulting and curated training, and facilitating workshops, helping her clients “shine in their brilliance.” Her organization takes a holistic approach to consulting for wellness and healing travel businesses.

Jackie explains, “We seek to understand the intention, value, and team dynamics. By implementing deep listening and empathy before providing thoughtful solutions, our clients have thanked us for being "wisdom givers" and "idea connectors". IJC works through an inclusive lens to highlight the marginalized voices & create change within.”

Integrating Quantum Human Design TM and mental wellness practices, IJC brings out the best in each individual and business. Between coaching practices, speaking, and hosting workshops, Jackie helps break down the barriers to vulnerability and open safe spaces for the journey within. “We curate training to reach the individual while still finding synergy for the collective. Our coaching combines Human Design and mental wellness practices to focus on the uniqueness of each person,” she explains.

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Jackie Roby

Forged by Fire

With the vision of ways to create change, Jackie took the leap of trust to start Inspired Journey Consulting in October 2019. “It was fueled by my own healing journey to take my superpowers and use them for good,” she states. Her professional success was just one part of this development.

Many years ago, after she fell into the profession of hospitality sales, Jackie’s director quit leaving her in a sink-or-swim scenario. Undeterred and focused, she swam to a promotion within three months followed by an award for Director of Sales of the Year. “I’d love to say that things kept rising from there and in some ways they did. What really got me to this space as a solopreneur and leader are the bumps in the road,” she states.

As a Latina, I’ve faced prejudice. As a woman, sexism and sexual harassment were consistent. I didn’t always stand up for myself. I’m a trauma survivor, which compounded the belief that I deserved that treatment and that somehow it was my fault. My healing journey brought me to a space where I could build my own table, share an authentic narrative, and encourage others to be empowered by their voices.

Additionally, being a person of color in America, Jackie did not come from generational wealth. The success of her organization and her services are a result of the sheer resilience and clear vision that Jackie demonstrates toward mental wellness. “Once I saw that gaslighting was happening in business, it changed my perspective on how I wanted to show up in this world. My confidence came from my own healing, recognizing how valuable my voice is, the desire to create change, and wanting to support others.

Having shattered several glass ceilings along the way, today Jackie leads IJC to share proper knowledge with people, starting or continuing their healing journey, while being supported by rejuvenating experts.

The Power of Vulnerability

Recalling some of the hardest moments of her life Jackie says, “I’ve also grown to adore my vulnerability and see it as a significant strength.” While initially her hotel job gave Jackie a quick promotion and moved her to Boston to take over a boutique hotel. She soon re-relocated to a smaller property across the country. “It was embarrassing and heart-breaking,” shares she.

Meanwhile, Jackie had just moved, left her first love, flew her dog from Denver, found a roommate, and rented an apartment all over again. “I took the severance, my box of belongings, and my shattered confidence. I was determined to stay in the city I had already fallen in love with. Now the challenge was to find a great position in an industry that’s all about relationships… in a city where I barely had any yet.” Before the year ended, Jackie was recruited by the coolest hotels in Boston, some of which her previous employer looked to as the standard of excellence. “Karma was killing it that year.

Having fought and won various battles over her career, at IJC Jackie believes in empowering people with the tools needed to thrive on their own, prioritizing their mental wellness, and celebrating often. “Each person has their own style which I like to embrace and use their Human Design to lean into those unique traits. My style has always been innate though fine-tuned by experiencing too many mediocre and downright horrible bosses over the years. The few extraordinary leaders I had modeled care, interest, and commitment to my success. I’m grateful to them still.

"Each person has their own style which I like to embrace and use their Human Design to lean into those unique traits."

Gratitude and Self-care

As a woman entrepreneur and successful business leader, gratitude is always at the forefront of Jackie’s life. Today she is grateful to be running a business that she believes in, being married to a wonderful husband, raising an emotionally intelligent daughter, and helping people love themselves more. “I could easily list 100 things I’m grateful for right now without pausing. That gratitude reminds me that I’ve made it already,” she smiles.

A key factor to Jackie’s success and mindfulness comes from self-care. She starts each morning with gratitude and meditation. “I’m also very mindful of my energy… I need to rest and notice when I need that rest. That last part can be the trickiest. Rest might look like five minutes with my adult coloring book, time on my yoga mat, one minute of breathwork, or even five minutes of watching something funny. And if I need to close my laptop and instead go see a movie by myself, I’m going to do that.

Evolving and Expanding

The future of IJC is bright and exciting. A one-of-a-kind wellness and mindfulness organization, the company has recently opened its services to expand outside of the travel industry. With the demand for wellness services on the rise, IJC has also made more avenues of coaching and workshops for individuals and organizations. “I’m already set to speak at a Fortune 200 company,” shares Jackie.

Keeping up with the changing business trends, IJC boasts of a strong social media presence. Digital technology always contributed to the organization’s profitability and gave them the chance to grow during the pandemic, a time when mental wellness was at its worst.

Working on her vision at IJC, Jackie continues to empower clients from all wakes of life with a stronger sense of self-worth. “For trauma survivors to know it wasn’t their fault and see beyond the lies their abusers engrained in them. For busy professionals, parents, and business owners to value themselves as individuals, not just the roles they take on. Because as we grow emotional intelligence, healing, and self-love, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world. This healing and empowerment of others would be my legacy,” concludes Jackie Roby.