Celene Dupuis: Mistress of Tress

"You are doing exactly what you were meant to do," Celene’s father said to her while receiving a haircut from Celene. He was at that time, fighting a battle with brain cancer.

Earlier, in 2003 when Celene had told her family that she wanted to be a hairstylist they were supportive but hesitant. Her father, a business owner, said “I will support you, but I’m worried you won’t be able to pay your bills”. His validation that the hairstyling industry is full of opportunity, was a defining moment in Celene’s life, inspiring her to prove that hairstyling could be a lucrative and rewarding job.

Celene’s Journey

SFA Board Director and CEO of Revamp Salon Company in Saskatchewan, Canada, Celene Dupuis describes herself as a “survivor, passionate, weird!” However, Celene is an award-winning stylist and Redken International Artist who is a leading mentor and educator in the hair industry on a global level.

She inherited the attributes of being passionate, creative, and determined from her parents, which have helped her become a successful sought-after stylist, educator, and entrepreneur. As a teen, Celene always loved everything about beauty. Opening Revamp Salon Company in 2014 was her opportunity to create an environment where she could mentor the industry and teach stylists to provide amazing guest experiences, give back to their communities, and help others see their true beauty. Revamp, thus, was created as a space committed to providing top-notch stylists and a remarkable client experience. It is a space where both clients and stylists feel safe and comfortable.

The Redken Experience

Two years into her career, Celene joined forces as an educator with Redken, which opened a new world of never-ending inspiration and education. She worked in Las Vegas for several years as a facilitator for the Redken Symposium, and Exchange Facilitating the 2018 Redken exchange, in New York City. Celene performed 3 times at the Redken Symposium as a mainstage artist for an audience of 10,000 people. In 2022 Celene became a trained Little Voice Mastery coach.

Inspiring students as far away as Dubai remains one of Celene’s career highlights. Her guidance and knowledge are sought after as a Business Mentor at High-Performance Salon Academy helping 10,000+ stylists globally to earn, learn, and live their best lives through education and coaching. Celene has been published in magazines worldwide including Canadian Hair Dresser, Flare, Hairdressers Journal London, and The Kit. She continues to be the official Color Ambassador for Redken Canada and is a sought-after facilitator in Canada and the United States. Celene mentors salon owners from across North America to achieve profitable business through High-Performance Salon Academy.

Celene Dupuis

Uniquely Revamp

Revamp Salon Company INC has one goal in mind. To help you feel like the best version of yourself. We do this by helping you love the skin you’re in one head of hair at a time,” states Celene.

Revamp provides an amazing work-life balance to the stylists. “We breed 100K hairstylists on a 30-hour work week…We believe in growing people,” she shares. Although Revamp works on skill with a revolutionary associate program, it also provides education on personal finances, mental health and personal wellness, and business and personal development to ensure that not just the skill set, but the whole person is taken care of.

Celene’s leadership style which is inclusive, democratic, and honest, is rooted in personal tribulations. “I have experienced a lot of personal traumas. My sister was killed by a drunk driver at 16, my father passed away 6 years later from brain cancer. In 2016 my husband was in an ATV accident and suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed.” These experiences changed her goals to wanting more than just an incredible career. It has been the driving factor in helping foster stylists to grow as humans and professionals. “Healing and thriving despite all my trauma have caused me to be a more vulnerable coach, person, and leader,” she says. “I believe what I have experienced in my life has made me relatable and helped me create human connections with the stylists I've had the honor to facilitate.

Celene’s Brand of Leadership

For Celene, a great leadership experience starts from the top. “We are only as good as our leader, so be willing to be accountable. Be willing to be radically accountable. If you are unwilling so will your team. Get comfortable with not being for everyone,” states she. “Not everyone will like you or be meant to stay with your company and that’s ok! Be unapologetic about your culture, and don’t accept anything less- this means you may outgrow certain people because they can’t commit to playing full out – that’s ok! Stick to your values and you will attract a team that 100% gets the vision.

Celene believes that the biggest challenge in the industry is competitiveness. In her experience, the hairstyling industry has the potential to be cruel and competitive. “This can be a vain industry - and we know that beauty is much more than skin deep. I have always believed the only person you compete with is yourself. You choose what kind of person you want to be.

"I have always believed the only person you compete with is yourself. You choose what kind of person you want to be."

Celene’s Growth Orbit

Revamp opened its doors in 2014. Over the years, the organization has included e-commerce, online booking, email marketing, and social media marketing to help serve its customers and increase revenue. While growth and promotion of the business are essential, the core motivation for Celene is to provide the customers with convivence and an exceptional experience.

Expanding Revamp’s footprint, Celene is ready with a second location- BLNDE beauty bar by Revamp scheduled for launch in March 2023. “We are currently under construction for a second location called BLNDE beauty bar by revamp. Same company whole new experience. We will offer a blowout bar, express color bar bridal services, and more,” she shares. BLNDE is positioned to provide customized experiences for clients, especially on important occasions. “Nothing like this currently exists in Saskatoon and we are so excited to offer a private bridal suite as well! This new venture will drive our growth by providing the ability to hire up to 20 new employees,” says Celene.

Pro-environmental Choices

Revamp prides itself on making its clients beautiful with a conscience. It is Saskatoon’s first Green Circle salon, ensuring that 98% of all salon waste, including foils, hair, and the excess color is recycled. Owing to its sustainability initiatives, Revamp is a recipient of the Waste Minimization Award from the Saskatchewan Waste Minimization Council. “We continue to strive to do our part to erase our carbon footprint on the environment. We are happy to offer vegan and cruelty-free haircare and make-up lines.” Revamp believes in inclusivity and is committed to breaking down toxic beauty standards.

Inspiring Words

Taking time for your health is more than just physical. It’s about spiritual health, mental health, and your body. I do the Miracle Morning SAVERS routine every morning to stay grounded and make sure I am taking care of every aspect of myself. Regular exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are something I work on daily and am working to keep improving.

Celene’s goal as a leader in the industry is to continue to grow and serve people. “My wish is to create a company that grows people, and a brand that lives on well after I am gone. We are currently working on bringing two shareholders into our company, and we want to be able to work on a succession plan so that when I’m done serving the next generation will be able to continue to inspire future beauty professionals to live big!