Saima Shaheen: Supreme Skinfluencer

Saima Shaheen, the founder & president of Suraya Beauty Lounge Inc. is committed to making women feel the best versions of themselves.

Saima is a passionate, skilled licensed Master Esthetician who specializes in providing result-oriented skincare treatments for women of any age. She enjoys helping her clients achieve their skincare goals and enhance their beauty by tailoring every treatment to their specific needs.

Aware that skin care is not superficial because it’s preventive care, and healthy beautiful skin requires commitment, she positively influences the way women feel about themselves. She encourages them to invest time and care in their skin health to maintain their glowing beauty, making every woman feel like a star.

The Inspiration

The name Suraya is derived from the Arabic word Thuraya, which means “hard to reach star,” explains Saima. “I decided to name my beauty lounge Suraya as a tribute to my mother who not only has a beautiful name but also has a personality that would motivate any woman to be a shining star.

Saima’s mother, a middle eastern woman, was born and raised at a time when women's work and education rights were challenged by her community in Jordan. Her personal journey paved the way for Saima’s business. “The balance between her elegance and tenacious personality was the blueprint of who I am today…she inspired my business philosophy, leadership style, and motto,” says Saima.

Saima Shaheen

The ‘skin-tillating’ journey

Saima moved to Reston, Virginia from Amman- Jordan twenty-three years ago. Before the move, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from Yarmouk University, Jordan, and worked as a journalist at a daily newspaper for a year. However, when she became a mother, she started to explore alternative career paths.

During college summer breaks, her mother (Suraya) had encouraged Saima to take courses in essential life skills, among which was a course in esthetics. So, when an opportunity to change careers presented itself, she decided to pursue her passion for skincare. She decided to go back to school and took a comprehensive certification in esthetics from the French Academy for Beauty Arts & Techniques in Amman, Jordan.

On moving to America, Saima started her career as the senior master esthetician at a privately owned Day Spa in Chantilly. Her superior noted her initiatives to improve the work environment and offerings to the clients and she was soon promoted to the position of spa director. Saima remained in charge of the spa for 12 years.

Over the years, Saima constantly worked at improving her skill set and qualifications. She is now certified in several skincare modalities including facials, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Chemical peels, Brow contouring, and Hair removal. She is also certified in advanced Manual Lymph Drainage for the head and neck, Cupping, Reflexology, and Skin Fitness. While quarantined due to Covid-19, she took the time to earn more certifications and became a certified infection preventionist. In 2021 she obtained her second license as a permanent make-up artist.

Suraya Beauty Lounge

The Covid Pandemic lockdown changed Saima’s perception of her future. She had already successfully helped many clients turn around their problematic skin, and she realized that with her formidable qualifications, she had a lot to offer to her fellow professionals, clients, and community. “I knew then it was time to establish my own business,” she says.

In September 2020, Saima launched Suraya Beauty Lounge in Chantilly, Virginia. “One of my goals is to alter the current misconceptions about skincare and to positively influence the way females take care of their skin health and maintain their beauty. At Suraya beauty, our clients learn that caring for the skin is a ritual they should be practicing daily and celebrate once a month with proper professional care” says Saima. After all, beautiful skin is a sign of a healthy mind and body.

Everything was carefully chosen at Suraya Beauty Lounge- the name, the logo design, and the selection of all the tools, equipment, and products that are used for treatments. The theme color, purple, was inspired by the magical view of the violet light scattering across the sky during sunrise.

Suraya Beauty Lounge expanded and evolved at a higher speed than anticipated. The expansion and the changes were positively influenced by the client’s trust in the company and demand for a larger selection of beauty services and modalities. To keep ahead in business, the company adopted numerous digital and technological tools and methods to enhance clients’ experiences.

Alleviation Care Initiative

Establishing my own corporation was the best thing I did,” says Saima. “I’m proud to have one of the only programs in northern Virginia to offer the alleviation care initiative, a care program designed to give the spa experience to clients who are unable to travel to the lounge due to terminal illness.” Saima recollects the time when she arranged home visits for a dear client, fighting a terminal illness. Saima arranged for home visits to provide her with manual lymph drainage to help her overcome some of the skin-related side effects due to harsh medications. Although the lady passed away, the bond they formed was the reason that Saima created the alleviation care initiative to provide service for her terminally ill clients at the convenience of their homes.

"At Suraya beauty, our clients learn that caring for the skin is a ritual they should be practicing daily and celebrate once a month with proper professional care"

Unique Leadership Style

Saima describes her leadership style as being “situational”, which essentially allows her the flexibility to achieve her business goals. “I try my best to always provide clear boundaries, and realistic expectations and to give the team the needed tools to flourish and grow. Following a flexible leadership style allows me to deliver the required support, mentorship, and space for my employees to grow and succeed.

Service to the Community

A major focus of Saima’s young venture is to positively impact the surrounding community and support its needs by holding seminars, and fundraisers, providing donations, and strengthening bonds with the women-owned small businesses in the area.

In 2022, Suraya was a part of numerous campaigns such as an educational fundraiser campaign, a breast cancer campaign, a campaign to end domestic violence, and a fun run for a local elementary school. “I always knew that I wanted to make a positive impact, big or small, and to motivate females, in particular, to be strong, confident, and successful…I want my business to play a significant role in the community not only as a beauty center but also as an essential supportive pillar for all women and children-related causes,” says Saima.

The Suraya Philosophy

Suraya Beauty lounge Inc. is a beauty center that is operated by women and designed to fulfill the beauty and self-care needs of all women in northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. In a world defined by short-lived trends and social media that promote unrealistic expectations and self-doubt, Suraya emphasizes self-care, and self-acceptance and promotes beauty regimens and treatments that help clients embrace their natural beauty and boost their self-confidence. “Our USPs are based on building trust with our clients...our mission is to offer approachable, affordable care to our customers. And to equally offer mentorship for talented female professionals to build their businesses and grow their talent in a safe nourishing environment,” concludes Saima Shaheen.