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The Trailblazers, Women Leaders, 2019

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

On the Cover

Gina Nocek

“I think my secrets for success are working really hard, doing what is in the best interest of our client, always being there to answer questions and guide them through the process so it is not a stressful time.”

Libra Consulting

Jelena Djakovic

“Believe in yourself and support others. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Do great work, and learn from everyone around you...”

Anaida Deti Headshot

Anaida Deti

“DentalX started with only me, booking appointments in my car and seeing patients in the late afternoons or Sundays after I worked all day for other dental offices. Now I have an award-winning dental office with 12 staff members.”

CNH Tours

Heather Blenkiron

“We began our company because we fell in love with Galapagos. We knew we’d be leaving one day, but we wanted to maintain real contact with the place. Organizing trips was a perfect way to do so. It’s very rewarding to help people fulfill their lifelong dream of visiting the islands, and we’re glad that in the process, we’re energizing a new group of conservation champions, while at the same time supporting the local economy and community.”

Carla Bailo CAR

Carla Bailo

“I hope I broke through some of the glass ceiling in the industry and created roadmaps for those that follow and that their career goals can be more easily obtained.”


Jamey Seely

“Challenges are inevitable in business, but it is having the courage to face your challenges and work through them that creates long-lasting change in an organization. I am inspired by each member of my team and their willingness to push through their fears, solve problems and create lasting change within our organization and the broader community.”

Fearless Media

Cara Scharf

“One of the most difficult issues women face is that people don’t always take you seriously. If I am running a successful business for almost 10 years now -that should mean something.”


Malini Agarwal

“Everyone will tell you that your team is the most important aspect of any successful company, and I couldn’t agree more. This means not only finding the right people but creating a corporate culture that allows them to share in your dreams and helps them achieve theirs at the same time.”

Talk Boutique

Andrea Sampson

“Conversation has the power to change the world. Good conversation starts with an idea that is told through story to make it engaging and to stimulate meaningful conversation. When idea, story, and conversation are combined, it sparks interest, expands understanding and creates deep connections, leading to IMPACT.”

New Kent Coatings

Jacqueline Smith

“I prefer my work to do the talking. Nobody can question you if your work is fantastic and this is how I prove the naysayers wrong.”

The Rose

Dorothy Gibbons

‘Too old, too wise and much too successful to let other people’s opinions determine my worth.’ I didn’t always live by this motto. It took decades to embrace this sentiment fully. But today I understand why self-worth, in whatever terms we determine, is so important in life and in business.


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The Trailblazers, Women Leaders, 2019

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