Does the thought of visiting a dentist make you cringe? Anaida Deti aims to change that.



Whole slew of people fails to get the necessary dental treatment because of their fear of going to a dentist. The main factor working behind this may be the fear of pain itself in most cases but what adds to that trepidation is an embarrassment, loss of personal space or loss of control, bad interaction with the dentist or the staff and the trauma of previous bad experiences. In this scenario how must one overcome their panic and get the basic care they need for an eternal glowing smile? Anaida Deti, the Founder and CEO of DentalX, a distinctive dental care facility and clinic, is determined to breakdown this fear and get people the help they need.

“Our warm environment and techniques make them more comfortable. It is an amazing feeling when patients come in and tell us they look forward to their appointments.”

Growing up

Anaida wanted to be a dentist ever since she was a little girl, an orthodontist to be specific. Dentistry was something that had always fascinated her. However, she was terrified to go to the dentist herself. She tells Aspioneer, “My first dental appointment was at 7 years old, I remember the dentist, the nurse and my mom holding me down because I was so terrified. That scarred me for life! I used to say that when I became a dentist, I would help all the people who were scared like me, to actually look forward to their dental appointments. Thankfully, dentistry has changed since then.”

Seventeen years ago, Anaida immigrated to Canada from Albania with her husband with a few hundred dollars and a big dream of building something they could call their own. But she didn’t speak English. The language barrier wasn’t the only major challenge though. Her school was not acknowledged there hence she had to begin everything from scratch. Ten years, seven-day workweeks and a diploma later, she founded DentalX in 2013 with the motto that ‘with hard work and determination, everything is possible’. Anaida shares, “DentalX started with only me, booking appointments in my car and seeing patients in the late afternoons or Sundays after I worked all day for other dental offices. Now I have an award-winning dental office with 12 staff members.” In the future, she plans to franchise DentalX and continue educating patients on the importance of dental health. 

Anaida Deti, Founder & CEO, DentalX,

Affordable oral health care

DentalX is based in North York, Ontario, Canada. It is a full dental office, offering all dental services from dental cleanings and check-ups to complicated extractions and implants. But since Anaida wanted to do something different compared to traditional dental offices, DentalX is an alternative option for the people where they focus more on the preventative side of dentistry by offering longer dental appointments which include deeper oral hygiene instructions along with visuals. Their office looks different as well; it has the interiors of a spa rather than a regular dentist’s office to establish a soothing vibe for the nervous walk-ins. They also guide the patients through various relaxing techniques in order to make their experience more enjoyable and less scary. Precisely, DentalX specializes in seeing nervous patients that do not like going to the dentist. Anaida says, “Our warm environment and techniques make them more comfortable. It is an amazing feeling when patients come in and tell us they look forward to their appointments.”

Never give up on your dreams

Reaching here wasn’t a smooth ride at all. And Anaida had plenty of skeptics all along. “I remember thinking: one day I will have my own clinic. People around me called me a dreamer and said I was crazy, but guess what, they were wrong!” says Anaida. “Never give up on your dreams, no matter what others may say!” Even the bliss of opening doors of her very own office was short-lived for Anaida. From the issue of hiring the right staff to acquiring customers, the struggle was enormous to get recognition especially being in a highly competitive space. She says, “If I thought the problems were now over, I was very wrong, they had not even started. I kept on waiting for the phone to ring and the door to open. It was a huge risk. Luckily, patients and the staff believed in my vision and saw something that in other dental offices did not exist- a relationship between me and them. My passion for the dental field and taking care of patients was transferred in the best way possible that made them believe in us.”

Indeed, Anaida’s sincerity towards her profession and her passion got her the recognition she deserved as an entrepreneur. However, as a female leader, the plate gets even heavier. She tells Aspioneer, “I think the most difficult thing as a female leader is to juggle family and business at the same time. During the time I opened my business in 2014, I also got pregnant with my daughter and had a complicated pregnancy. I was carrying twins, but I lost one of them which made my pregnancy high risk and the doctor told me I had to be in bed for the remaining 7 months. Unfortunately, I had no choice. I had to be very careful but I was very scared, knowing I would never forgive myself if something happened to my daughter. But she is a fighter just like me, we made it and this amazing little girl completed our family. I worked until the last day of my pregnancy. The delivery went well, she was just perfect. Three days later, however, I had to return to work, I really had to. When the people saw me at the door, they could not believe their eyes. For the first two months, I drove home for lunch to breastfeed her and went back to work again. It was hard. When people say to me, they cannot do something because it is hard, I tell them that it’s still possible.”

Being a mom of a teenager and a toddler, life becomes a backbreaker, but according to Anaida, her family is what encourages her to do better every day while she juggles as a working woman. Her typical day start at 7:30 am, getting herself and the kids ready for school. After dropping them off to school, she reaches her office where she sees her patients and takes care of her daily tasks. She manages the whole office including the payroll, hiring staff, dealing with patients, marketing for the office and the breakdowns as they arise. Her workdays don’t typically end when everyone else’s does and is usually more than 12 hours long for 6 days a week. After work, she spends her evenings carrying for her kids and finishing household tasks while preparing for the next day. She says, “I never go to sleep before midnight. At this time, it is sad to say that I do not have a hobby. My very limited free time is going out with my husband and my kids.”

For Anaida success is doing what you love, “I think being successful is subjective to everyone. I love what I do and every morning I cannot wait to go to the office and start my day,” says Anaida. “The best part is to do what you love and get recognized for it.” For the women behind her, striving to excel in their careers, Anaida has a bit of pretty simple-straight advice, “I want to let them know that nothing comes easy, if you work hard and put your mind to it, everything is possible.”

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