Monday, October 2, 2023


Donald Bubar

“Respect and collaboration are key values when engaging with Avalon’s communities of interest.”

Mohammad Abbas

“The Wafy team always strives to boost the services and add new products so that exploring the kingdom continues to be an enjoyable experience.”

Martin Rowinski

“I work hard so I can play hard, and I make sure to play hard because that makes the hard work more rewarding.”

Gord Hicks

“A leadership role is a privilege and a great responsibility, take advantage of the opportunity you have been given and make a positive difference in the world.”

Balaji Ramachandran

“To be a successful business leader, you must constantly lead and mentor. Think before acting, and be confident about your capabilities and strengths.”

FCI London

Firdaus Nagree

“We have the best team now that we’ve ever had at FCI and I believe that is down to having a group of great individuals whose core values align with the company and with each other along with the culture that we’ve created.”

Shannon Scott

“Listen and read. Find mentors, people smarter than you, who know more than you. Don’t feel intimidated by them. Ask questions. Someone smarter than you in a room is an opportunity for you to grow and learn, not a threat.”


Brian Podolak

“When barriers form around your goals, you must negotiate them, and sometimes that requires patience. If you can’t solve it, someone else surely can. Find them!”

Phil Bristol

“Listen to connect – hold a neutral space to explore uncharted territory. Ask questions for which you have no answers. Co-create, innovate, and transform to create higher levels of trust.”

Naoto Hall

“SCP aligns our economic interests with our clients. We believe in the alignment of finances, values, and objectives with our clients and share the risks as necessary.”