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Balaji Ramachandran, founder, and CEO of SoftClouds LLC, is an authentic, result-driven, and multifaceted business leader who has always risen to challenges. Set on a personal mission to develop a more resilient, sustainable, and diverse business model, Balaji offers a completely fresh perspective on how the software industry should be driven. Known as a business maestro, he is an instigator of innovation and strongly believes that leaders can transform the world into something better.

We spoke to Balaji about how he plans to change the software industry.

Aspioneer (A): Thank you for doing this with us, Balaji. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your brand?

Balaji Ramachandran (B): “I established SoftClouds LLC in 2005 and have been operating it successfully for 17 Years. I have 25+ years of entrepreneurial and innovation leadership experience that has helped shape today’s CX software industry. I aim to be a consummate team builder and promoter of invention through collaboration. I am an experienced multidisciplinary start-up team builder focused on CX solutions and hybrid cloud implementations. I can be best described as a Humanitarian, Tenacious, and a Dreamer who is responsible for the success of our organization through my leadership.”

"To be a successful business leader, you must constantly lead and mentor. Think before acting, and be confident about your capabilities and strengths."

A: What services do you offer? Could you also tell us a bit about your mission, vision, and achievements?

B: “As an innovative software solutions provider, we deliver cloud, mobile, and digital solutions for CX and digital transformation that improve corporate profitability. Our offerings provide our clients with in-depth business performance data to make their analysis quickly and efficiently. Our mission is to “Guide Our Customers Through their Digital Transformation Journey by Delivering Innovative, Creative, and Consultative Solutions. Our vision is to: “Be Advising Solutions Provider, Make Our Customers Successful by Embracing their Visions and Enabling their Digital Transformations, Be an Employee-Focused Company, Treat All Customer Interactions with Honesty and Integrity” – last, but not least, “Be and Create Responsible Corporate Citizens.” With decades of experience and deep industry-specific expertise, our solution architects provide Oracle and Salesforce implementations and custom App/ERP/SaaS development to help our clients achieve their goals. Our experienced team has delivered successful solutions for many markets and industries. We offer flexible business models (fixed bid, time, and material) and have multiple execution locations (on-site, off-site, and off-shore). Our methodology is responsive to business expectations, whether it’s department-driven or a comprehensive plan.

Consecutively, SoftClouds and I have received many industry awards over the years. Some of the recent awards that we have received include the following:

    • 2022: SoftClouds is selected as one of the “Best Technology Companies” by Corporate Vision.

    • 2022: SoftClouds is awarded as one of the “Top Software Companies” by DesignRush.

    • 2021: SoftClouds is picked as the “Gold Winner for Most Innovative Company” by the Titan Awards.

    • 2020: I was awarded “CEO of the Year, USA, Gold Winner” by the CEO World Awards.

    • 2019: I was selected as one of the “25 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in the US by Technology Headlines.”

A: The workforce is the heart of every organization. Could you tell us a bit about your team and what makes it special?

B: “SoftClouds has an experienced team of experts with exceptional skills in providing innovative and strategic technology solutions. Our strong focus is on ensuring we deliver quality solutions to our clients. What differentiates us from some of our competitors is that we consider our employees our biggest asset. Their determination and dedication have made us successful. They clearly understand how our organization works together for a productive work environment. Our decisions are always made by valuing our employees’ creativity, innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. Communicating and contributing our thoughts by hunting for passion instead of just skills is the best thing we do. Transparency at work clarifies everything that we do. We strongly believe in the quote: “Great Companies Might Not Build a Great Culture, but Great Culture will Always Build a Great Company.”

Balaji Ramachandran
Balaji Ramachandran

A: How would you describe the work culture at SoftClouds?

B: “Excellence, innovation, and responsibility define SoftClouds. Our culture is based on a flat, hierarchical structure in that we have an open-door policy and collaborate closely with all team members. Our work culture is established for innovation, openness to ideas, and a positive work environment that makes employees feel comfortable and content. Ownership and accountability make them feel responsible and think creatively to change how the world operates through innovations. Our team focuses on continuous improvement and being out of their comfort zone through change and innovation. We have a well-organized system of frequent meetings to maintain communication and a much-needed sense of belonging. Our vision is to provide the right solution for each customer. Hence our team encourages process, excellence, user experience, and innovation for a quality outcome.”

A: What are you passionate about? And is there any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

B: “I am passionate about motivating people with thoughtful, forward-thinking ideas. I have tried new things, learned from failures and successes, and always taken steps forward, even during failures. Having an open mindset and being creative are the two things that made me grow personally and as a business leader. Life has its ups and downs, but hard work and passion keep me moving forward.

To be a successful business leader, you must constantly lead and mentor. Think before acting, and be confident about your capabilities and strengths. I suggest leaders focus only on solving problems, without worrying about creating new technology. Also, customers should be the number one priority for any business.”

A: How would you describe your contribution as a brand to the world?

B: “SoftClouds is always ahead of the market, looking for future technologies and growth opportunities. I have never looked back on innovating things that help humanity grow. Through our philanthropic pursuits, we commit our resources to support sustainable development. This includes our donations and participation in the Plastic-Free Environment and Gifting Plant for a Greener Future with our Giving Moments program that delivers corporate social responsibility.”