Brian Podolak: Developing Customized and Cost-Effective Conversational Solutions

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AI-driven conversational solutions are revolutionizing business processes in multiple industries and impacting several aspects of people’s lives. Most of us have experienced its use in chatbots and voice assistants, for a wide range of activities from buying electronic items from online stores to booking flights or hotels.

This new generation of customer support involves the use of advanced technology for conversing and communicating with prospective, existing customers and people in general. While primarily used for customer service, one company has pushed the boundaries of conversational AI, making it the next-generation sales tool for a host of industries.

Vocodia aka is a conversational AI structured to perform the human function of sales, customer service, and any related conversationally dependent job. Established by Brian Podolak along with his partner James Sposato, Vocodia’s conversational AI is so lifelike that customers don’t even realize that they are speaking with a machine.

A one-of-a-kind platform, Brian explains, “Our clients can create unique sales conversations designed to focus on each customer and consumer. Most importantly, we can scale campaigns within minutes. A business can scale from 10 sales agents to 10,000 sales agents in five minutes and only pay for time used at a rate less than employment minimums without any other related costs.”  

A Distinguished Platform

During the pandemic, hiring and retaining sales teams had become a huge burden for companies. This is when Vocodia, a proprietary SaaS solution took center stage. Brian and his partner noticed that there was a need in the market to be able to scale a sales team up and down with ease. The ground breaker was that they wanted to allow companies to do this digitally.

Convinced that AI could finally replace humans while working in tandem with existing digital marketing and sales products Vocodia was launched in 2020. Through advanced DISA or Digital Intelligent Sales Agents, Vocodia automates the least appealing part of sales such as dialing prospects, handling objections, qualifying leads, etc. By personalizing the most arduous part of the sales process, employees can now concentrate only on what matters the most – the closing.

With the company motto – Software that “Sells”, Vocodia derives its success through its customizable and turnkey solutions. The organization supplies and supports VoIP, caller IDs, and everything else related to the setup. Once the Vocodia team is on the job, the clients do not even need to touch their phone system or struggle with any kind of future upgrades whatsoever.

The impact of Vocodia’s DISA technology is optimal for the retail, financial services, telecom, call centers, and insurance industries. A strict internal quality analysis process ensures that DISA never goes off script. Clients can work with the Vocodia team in the beginning to personalize the settings of the software but soon realize how adaptive and independent DISA is.

On the backend, Vocodia boasts of a widget-based client dashboard that can be customized in multiple ways. The dashboard projects a wide range of essential data like the number of calls, time on each call, etc. This information can be accessed anywhere and anytime, with a simple click of a button.

"When barriers form around your goals, you must negotiate them, and sometimes that requires patience. If you can’t solve it, someone else surely can. Find them!"

Innovative Excellence

Visionary contact center innovator, Brian Podolak has been leading the transformation for companies wanting to implement AI solutions in their sales and customer service processes. His background in electronic and mechanical engineering brought him into the world of IT-based marketing, where he naturally began solving the problems faced by enterprise-level call centers and sales departments.

Brian’s ability to manifest solutions through still-emerging technologies introduced new efficiencies into the companies he managed, earning him a reputation for rapidly driving startups to profitability. Initially, he worked for an online medical company where he ended up achieving $70 million in annual revenue in less than 3 years. After that Brian ran a 700-agent call center in Costa Rica, with offices in Panama, and the Dominican, and consulted with over 70 call centers worldwide.

Brian’s ability to approach direct sales from an IT perspective helped build Vocodia’s signature offering DISA into one of the industry’s most revolutionary conversational AI solutions. “We always liked the IT business, but we now enjoy the use of technology to make the customer experience much more efficient,” he shares.  Going from one agent to many was always considered challenging especially when you have to hire, train, and properly equip them. The Vocodia platform grants the ability to companies to flip from one agent to a hundred in a matter of minutes.

“Technology affords us the ability to tie software, hardware, and apps together to launch campaigns and get significant results quickly. However, the humans tied to the campaigns in sales and CS could never keep up, scale up in time, or be cost-effective. With Vocodia we can create sales armies in hours. Then scale them down in minutes as we achieve our objectives,” explains Brian. This technology has removed the hiring and training burden, and created a trained supply of virtual agents, truly revolutionizing the customer experience for a host of companies.

Brian Podolak: Developing Customized and Cost-Effective Conversational Solutions
Brian podolak

The Committed Leader

Born organizationally during the pandemic, Brian and Jimmy have waded through tough times, dealing with start-up pressures from all sides. Their resilience and dedication have led to the creation of something that has existed before. Built out of a simple vision, Vocodia is solving the customer service problems of organizations through its customizable, independent, and affordable solutions.

Addressing his journey to this point, Brian feels that having clear objectives, committing to his goals, and never giving up have resulted in his success and the success of his company. He states, “When barriers form around your goals, you must negotiate them, and sometimes that requires patience. If you can’t solve it, someone else surely can. Find them!”

A typical day for Brian is a combination of researching the latest and upcoming technologies, building his professional network, and meeting up with experienced leaders in similar fields. In the ever-disruptive technology industry, he enjoys educating himself about the opportunities and challenges that technology creators such as himself are facing. 

A passionate technologist, Brian likes to explore new territories in society to apply technology to simplify people’s lives. He is confident in his ability to grow as a business due to their highly accessible and cost-effective solution. “We believe our technology can truly benefit people in multiple stratas of life, purpose, convenience, and safety,” he states.

All of Vocodia’s operations are conducted in an environmentally safe way. While all the offices have LED lights, timers on air conditioners, etc., all cloud solutions are implemented with a focus on sustainable initiatives.

An Integrated Future

As conversational AI continues to evolve, its demand continues to grow as users prefer to communicate over digital channels. More and more businesses are now developing chatbots, voice assistants, and IVR experiences to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and achieve business goals. 

Looking ahead, as sales and customer service technologies continue to evolve, so do technologists such as Brian Podolak. As companies arm their employees with conversational AI, Vocodia remains poised to drive this change and deliver the highest standards of customer care and service. “We are at the apex of digital technology in the AI space. What we like about ourselves is that we feel we represent a new class of businesses allowing the use of AI to be more accessible without significant investment and protection,” concludes Brian.