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Breaking boundaries. Pushing the Limit! These are terms that most of us are familiar with. A practice that the frontrunners incorporate into their daily lives. An effort that separates the leaders from the pack drives people and companies to push forward and be more successful. More often than not, breaking boundaries is easier said than done.

It is easy to hit the ceiling and go off-track in today’s fast-paced, digitally connected, and technology-enamored world. Not to mention the levels of competition, increased stress on individuals, and scores of unforeseen political factors that further hamper the growth of an organization and its people.

Projectivity Solutions, is a Sacramento, CA-based business organization that has been helping companies, organizations, and managers improve their professional strengths for over 35 years. Established by founder and CEO, Phil Bristol, Projectivity Solutions offers a range of development services based on more than 130 years of peer-reviewed scientific research. Phil shares his company’s success through the success of its clients: “Our client feedback helps Projectivity Solutions continually refine and enhance our program approaches so the client experience has a pragmatic approach that applies to each stage of organizational growth.” 

Building People and Companies

Projectivity Solutions was created to help business owners realistically address and prioritize challenges that hamper business and individual development. When unresolved, these unseen and unidentified obstacles create barriers that reduce productivity, teamwork, and profitability.

A total solutions provider, Projectivity Solutions increases overall business value by helping identify and eliminate these unseen obstacles. “We build people, we build relationships, we build high-performing trust-based culture,” states Bristol. Phil helps elevate companies or high-value personnel to the next level with the help of a multi-disciplinary approach that assesses a company’s business, relationship, and financial attributes.

A model based on more than 130 years of peer-reviewed scientific research, Projectivity Solutions starts by asking the right questions. The approach begins with four proprietary assessments – Business X-ray, Relationship X-Ray, Financial X-Ray, and Mindset X-Ray – which provide a concise snapshot of business culture and performance compared to others at the same stage of growth. The purpose is to identify and implement the fundamentals necessary for building a cohesive, trust-based team while concurrently addressing interconnected business and financial needs in a progressive process.

The over-arching goal is measurable performance improvement across multiple metrics based on a foundation for long-term, sustainable success. Whether you use these assessments for hiring, organization, culture, or employee development, the advantages to a company are innumerable.

"Listen to connect – hold a neutral space to explore uncharted territory. Ask questions for which you have no answers. Co-create, innovate, and transform to create higher levels of trust."

A Multi-faceted Leader

Phil’s experience spans over 35 years, with a focus on leadership, project management, and the information technology industry. He has successfully planned, marketed, developed, and implemented innovative solutions for many public and private sector clients. His skills in strategic planning, business process re-engineering (BPR), enterprise-wide project management, conflict transformation, and leadership development are revered in organizations worldwide.

As President and CEO, Phil works closely with boards of directors, executives, leaders, high potentials, and teams to increase their effectiveness, influence, and profitability. He derives great pride in helping company leaders enhance their organizations and staff to develop their full potential.

Phil received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and graduate degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He then pursued his master’s from the University of Southern California and adjunct faculty postings with the Florida Institute of Technology, San Jose State, and St. Mary’s College. Bristol teaches leadership, project management, and strategic planning at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is a graduate of the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class and a frequent speaker at global leadership congresses and institute meetings.

Additionally, Phil is a Stages of Growth Strategist, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Credentialed Project Manager (PMP), Credentialed Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional Hartman Dimensions Analyst, Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst, Certified Arbinger Executive Coach, Certified Arbinger Facilitator, and member of the Institute of Management Consultants.

During his time away from work, Phil enjoys backroad car trips up and down the west coast exploring new towns, various sites, and restaurants. He also loves reading and carries a mix of fiction and professional books on his Kindle everywhere he goes.

Unleash the True Potential of your Organization with Phil Bristol
Phil Bristol

Drawn to Being in Service to Others

Coach, consultant, visionary, and speaker Phil Bristol is a man of many talents. A self-proclaimed accidental leader, Phil’s journey towards organizational excellence began in the early ’70s as an air-borne ranger infantryman headed for Viet Nam. After a mid-air parachute collision rewarded him with a lengthy hospital recovery, Phil was given a new assignment and posted to a European Armor unit as a scout platoon leader, which he later took over as a company commander. While his problem-solving skills were ingrained as an Army airborne ranger, they were enhanced owing to the multiple assignments he spearheaded as an Organizational Development officer for the forces.

 “In the early ‘80s, as an Organizational Development Officer, I assisted Commanders at US Army Test & Evaluation Command, Aberdeen, Maryland, and US Army Pacific, Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, to enhance organizational effectiveness and morale by implementing strategic planning, process improvement, and personnel communication programs. Then in the mid-‘80s, as the Strategic Systems Planning officer for Syntex Corporation, I implemented and synchronized business and Information Technology plans for international and US-based companies.”

Upon leaving the service, Phil served six years as an organizational consultant for global fortune 100 companies, providing them with a deep level of practical experience focusing on strategic planning, process improvement, and behavioral skills.

As a culmination of years of hands-on experience in developing people and organizations, in 1990, Projectivity Solutions was formed. Its focus – is business operations, relationships, financial performance, mindset, and five strategic planning. “With lessons learned and refinement, these core services remain the foundation for the company,” states Phil.

Forward March!

Over the past few years, the coronavirus has hampered and affected businesses worldwide. As an organization developer, Phil believes that now more than ever, business flexibility is essential, especially given health and political uncertainty. Although technological advances such as Zoom and Teams provide connections with family, friends, and clients, organizations need a deeper focus on their employees and a transparent work ecosystem.

Within his organization as well, Phil encourages a culture of unity and teamwork. His offices are always open to his employees with whom he maintains a friendly working relationship. Here continues to create pathways to simplify service offerings while building a younger team of experienced professionals.

Looking ahead, Projectivity Solutions remains poised for growth. Not only is the company expanding its international footprint in the European and Indian markets, but it is also revitalizing its strategic planning approach, set to launch in 2023. The Projectivity Solution team is excited about its enhanced client-team data-driven approach, which will help an organization discover its strengths and challenges at a microscopic level.

To other individuals on their paths to excellence, Phil suggests – “Listen to connect – hold a neutral space to explore uncharted territory. Ask questions for which you have no answers. Co-create, innovate, and transform to create higher levels of trust.”