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Best Franchises in 2019

In a franchise business, the franchisor provides a developed way of doing business, ongoing guidance, systems and assistance in development of your business.

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“The real estate agents that have used Hommati appreciate the fact that its dynamic visual content increases their inquiries by up to 403%. They also appreciate the fact that, unlike other real estate websites we do not sell their leads to other agents, we do not allow other agents to advertise in or around their listings and we give them all the leads generated from their listing for free,” 

Founded in 2017, Ohio based Hommati offers innovative ways to actively respond to the changing needs of real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers through the use of cutting-edge technology. Through their services, Hommati provides dynamic visual content that millennials demand, allowing potential buyers to experience a home from every perspective even before they step inside. Whilst providing innovative services and dynamic visual content such as 3D Home Tours, Aerial Drone Videos, Ultra HD Photography, Video Slideshows, Augmented Reality, Hommati helps real estate agents get their listings noticed more quickly, win more listings, sell more homes, sell them faster and often for a higher sales price. 

Opportunities Everywhere

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Bin There Dump That

John Ferracuti, COO

We are truly a friendly and fun loving team, all working together to be the very best we can be for each other, our suppliers and our customers.


Jim Sahene, CEO

We have always believed we have the best ice cream. Combining our premium product with great franchisees, associates and customers has allowed us to continue to successfully grow.

Rhea Lana’s

Rhea Lana Riner, Founder & President

I believe in this business model and what it does. It allows me to help empower women who can spend a few weeks twice a year focusing on their business, but it allows me to bless my own community,

Perspire Sauna Studio

Ken and Lee, the Showrunners

At every level, the culture is set up to help and empower people, in all facets of the phrase. We help our employees learn skills, our franchisees learn the business, and our members improve their health and feel better. 


Holly and Josh, Co-owners

Instead of trying to find a passionate “manager” for each corporately owned Dee-O-Gee location, we instead chose to focus on finding the right partners that can lock arms with us and operate their own business, using our award-winning model.

True REST Float Spa

Nick Janicki, Founder, and President

Floating provides a sensory and gravity-free environment that restricts external stimulus, so the mind and body can reach a deep state of relaxation and natural healing.


In situ restoration

Fibrenew is a business that offers consumers and businesses a ‘green’ alternative to the replacement of damaged leather, plastic, and vinyl. Every day, this saves hundreds of items from ending up in landfills.

Delta Life Fitness

Josh Cherry, CEO

Delta means change, Delta Life Fitness changes lives. Women are the matriarchs of their families and their communities and by us serving these moms that do not have a safe place to work out currently we are changing families and communities,

Franchise organizations offer a structure for launching, operating and growing a business.

Why is the Strait of Hormuz so crucial?

This 21-mile-wide channel connects the Indian Ocean with the Gulf. For all of recorded history, it has connected Arab and Persian civilizations with the Indian subcontinent and Pacific Asia.

Smart cities are not as futuristic as we thought they would.

The smart city of the future is more likely to be defined by quieter upgrades to existing infrastructure and new partnerships that better represent residents.

Japan’s renewables-powered Olympics might be the clean energy push the world needs.

If such a vision is achieved, Tokyo could significantly raise the bar for future games, which have typically created massive carbon footprints.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ hasn’t broken the box office record – here’s why

Marketing and bombast aside, however, the reality is “Endgame” isn’t even close to the real record-holder – nor is, for that matter, “Avatar.” The reason why gives us an excuse to offer a short lesson on inflation.

Why democratic candidates are sounding a lot like Teddy Roosevelt?

According to Democrats, the ills of America today, like the ones in Roosevelt’s era, can be traced to unrestrained capitalism and corruption. As Roosevelt said in 1910, “special interests” exerted a “sinister influence” over the government.

A primer on negative interest rates.

Government bonds – which are the main way governments fund deficits – have been particularly attractive to investors wanting minimum risk, because a government can generally be relied on to pay its debts.

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