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For Mark Crossett, Founder and Owner of Bin There Dump That it all began in 2002 while working as a General Contractor in Toronto, Canada. He saw a huge need for a better way of getting rid of construction demolition waste. So he designed and created a smaller, more “residential friendly dumpster” alternative to remove construction/demolition or residential trash. Turns out it was the best thing to do. Later in 2004, after meeting because of a flood, Mike Kernaghan and Mark decided to create Bin There Dump That as a franchise. John Ferracuti, COO, joined the team in 2008 and things have grown quickly from then. The first franchise location was awarded in 2004. In 2011, Bin There Dump That entered the United States. And now boasts 171 open and operating territories in North America, operated by 111 unique franchise operators. Bin There Dump That also has 9 additional territories in the process of opening as of June, 2019.

‘At Bin There Dump That we believe that renting a residential friendly dumpster at your home should be a simple and friendly experience!’

So what’s the reason for their fast rise? As the residential friendly dumpster company, every aspect of Bin There Dump That business is designed to make renting a residential dumpster at their customers home a simple and friendly experience. It begins with dropping the dumpster off, using the unique driveway protection so that the bin never touches the driveway. The bins are clean, compact that can fit into driveways/ alleys/ tight spaces but large enough to accommodate almost any residential cleanup. The bins have full height double doors, allowing the trash items to be walked into the bin and not thrown over the top.  Finally, they pick up the full bin and sweep the driveway before taking it for dumping at the nearest recycling facility. Indeed the customer service experience an individual receives when he or she rents a Bin There Dump That dumpster is unique and unparalleled in the trash hauling industry. Bin There Dump That is used routinely by homeowners and general contractors working at homes in residential neighborhoods.

Maintaining these top quality services has allowed the company to expand through new opportunities and repeat business. Bin There Dump That franchise owners are expected to be hard working, honest and able to follow the proven Bin There Dump That system. They prefer working with people having a solid business background, primarily with some customer service, sales or marketing component, but mainly look for good, friendly people who are financially qualified. However, they routinely turn down financially qualified applicants if they are not a good fit for their system. “We are truly a friendly and fun loving team, all working together to be the very best we can be for each other, our suppliers and our customers,” says Ferracuti. “Our network members are truly teammates, working together to make Bin There Dump That the greatest dumpster company on earth.” 

Once franchisees sign in and training is complete. The new franchise operator is back at their location and ready to go. The super support team continues working with the new franchise operator to ensure all items on the checklist are complete. Typically between 2-3 weeks post training the new franchise operator receives their first truck and bin deliveries. Subsequently websites go live and online marketing strategies are engaged. The new franchise operator is continuously supported in their outside sales efforts, and connecting with the local representatives from the company’s ‘National Relationships’ program. The final phase of support is ongoing through the business operation. In this aspect, there are many ways in which the super support team works with the franchise operators to help them be successful and profitable. Firstly, regular support calls are scheduled between the new franchise operator and the super support team to ensure that the business is off to a good start and so that any questions, issues, or challenges are addressed early and often. Secondly, each new franchise operator will have a multi-day on-site visit with their franchise support coach within the first six months of the business being operational. The purpose of the visit is to help ensure that the business is running efficiently and that the franchise operator is using all the tools available to them effectively.

John Ferracuti, COO, Bin There Dump That

One of the best parts of being a franchise operator is having an instant kinship to other Bin There Dump That franchise owners. “It is of the utmost importance that there is a bond between team members and they can turn to one another support, advice, and to celebrate each other’s achievements – both professional and personal,” shares Ferracuti. Franchise operators will have the option to join a Peer Performance Group (PPG). PPGs are small groups of franchise operators (typically 5-8 per group) who connect on a web meeting once per quarter to share and analyze their key performance indicators. The KPI’s are important numbers to measure in the business, for example, average sale per bin rental, average dump/fuel/labor costs per bin rental, net profit, etc. By sharing these KPI’s within the small group’s franchise operators can share experience and best practices, ask questions and learn from one another’s successes and challenges. Once per year, franchise operators join together for the Bin There Dump That Business Development Conference. This event is usually hosted in January or February (typically slower months for those in northern regions) and is a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire Bin There Dump That team together to collaborate, share in new developments within the business, inspire one another, network with suppliers and have some fun. Franchise candidates engaged in the due diligence process around this time may be invited to some of the conference events to meet the team in person and get firsthand experience of the Bin There Dump That culture.

The result is a franchise chain that is growing momentously. And the future, John says, is further growth. The plan is to continue to grow as a company, adding approximately 25 to 30 new franchise territories in North America per year, to a total of approximately 350 territories in North America. Ultimately, growing Bin There Dump That Internationally into Europe and Australia. “I love franchising because it allows me to help people change their lives, by living the dream of successful small business ownership,” concludes Ferracuti. 

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