Perspire Sauna Studio: Taking Wellness to New Heights with IR Sauna Therapy



Wellness is something that dwells on everyone’s mind these days and it should. But what is often left ignored is letting the body have enough time and proper conditions to rehabilitate and rejuvenate. This may also be because the experience is often dull or not as thrilling as doing power slams on the training floor.

That’s where Perspire Sauna Studio, a first of its kind infrared sauna health & wellness studio, comes in. To enhance the revitalization experience, Perspire combines full-spectrum infrared sauna technology and chromotherapy to revive the body and the mind from the inside, out. Being a well-acclaimed rejuvenation and detoxifying center, it aims to help people ignite their wellness from within — detoxifying the body, relaxing the mind, burning calories, relieving pain, increasing circulation, purifying the skin and enhancing the immune system. Furthermore, Perspire offers exceptional customer service, comfort, and convenience with luxurious touches and attention to the details of the spa. 

“We strive to make the transformative healing benefits of infrared sauna technology accessible to communities around the world with comfort, consistency, convenience and best in class customer service,” says Lee Braun, Founder, and CEO of Perspire Sauna

Perspire Sauna Studio was first set up in Southern California in 2010, two more in 2016, and followed by the first franchise location in 2018. Today the company has three corporate-owned locations open in Southern California and three franchise locations open in Orange County, CA, Atlanta, GA, and Austin, TX (opening August 2019) with more awarded and opening in the coming months, including in Orlando, FL, and Omaha, NE.

“We simply want to help people feel better.”

From Clinical Confines of Doctor’s Office to a Relaxing Escape

Back in 2010, Braun and his co-founder Ken Arsenian became obsessed with the benefits of infrared and quickly realized that there wasn’t any place that one could use comfortably and consistently. The doctor offices didn’t so much as have a towel on hand, the booking was a burden and customer service was oblivious. Hence, more than its availability, the convenience was in question.

They decided that their vision of an IR sauna experience should be what they already felt was- ‘a relaxing escape’. So, Perspire Sauna was designed to offer every customer their own private room with a smart TV hooked with Netflix, Pandora and cable TV for entertainment purposes. Their IR saunas combine the beneficial infrared rays with the soothing beauty of visible light through chromotherapy in each session. It works to eliminate the negative effects of sun’s unfriendly UV rays by providing a safe, restorative 40 minutes sweat-session that leaves one feeling refreshed.

How does it work? The full-spectrum infrared heat surrounds the users and penetrates through the skin, muscles, joints, and tissues to increase blood circulation, speed up oxygen flow and lather out harmful toxins. IR saunas remove impurities from the cells, specifically the adipocytes around livers, kidneys, and intestines which contain waste and heavy metals deposits. In comparison to a traditional sauna that provides a surface-level sweat, infrared produces a deep sweat which results in detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, and other benefits.  Each session includes complimentary towel service providing a chilled eucalyptus towel to cleanse and wipe down after. “We simply want to help people feel better. We saw early on that there is a societal over dependence on pharmaceuticals and drastic medical procedures. Sometimes those routes are necessary but we are here to encourage people to take a holistic approach to treat their medical needs first,” shares Braun.

Every color affects you differently

Sharing the Spirit

The operations at each franchise are closely monitored to ensure a consistent, best in class experience at each location. Along with the training and support which is an on-going process at Perspire Sauna Studio where each franchisee is coached on customer service, marketing and generating sales, it also provides financial evaluation services to make sure franchisees’ revenue and expenses are at healthy levels. As CEO and owner of three corporate studios, Braun gets to see the organization through both micro and macro lenses. “At every level, the culture is set up to help and empower people, in all facets of the phrase. We help our employees learn skills, our franchisees learn the business, and our members improve their health and feel better,” adds Braun.

The duo have also been very straightforward about what they are looking for in a franchisee. The potential franchise owners will be smart, motivated and passionate individuals who are keen to bring the infrared technology to their communities and are passionate about helping people feel better. They expect them to not only grow their own studio but also be facilitators for Perspire Sauna to emerge as a distinguished brand. “We aspire to grow into communities all over the country. We strive to continue to educate people on the alternative wellness solutions outside what your typical doctor’s office has to offer you,” says Braun.

Ken and Lee, the dynamic duo of Perspire

As a franchisor, its cogency can be easily perceived when Tiffany in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, the first privileged license holder of Perspire Sauna Studio quotes, “The low start-up cost, low owner-operation time requirement, and return on investment are what attracted me to Perspire Sauna Studio. The proven systems, leadership, and operations support provided a structure that facilitated a rapid launch. The experienced leadership team is forward-thinking, flexible, honest, compassionate and driven to help me succeed. The benefits of infrared saunas are an easy sell and great for those entrepreneurs who are committed to health and wellness. I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude and pride to be part of the Perspire Sauna Studio family.”

So, are you ready for a different kind of sweat?

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