Saturday, September 19, 2020
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I don’t believe in ‘impossible’ – I truly believe almost anything is possible if you have the will and determination to succeed.​
Identify your unique talents, understand what they bring to the work environment to best enable success, and then, make sure that their voice is heard. Speak up, speak out, and contribute.
“Go for what you want!” To keep working on something one is proud of and to grab every opportunity before it passes by.
It takes a very special type of leader to shepherd a company – with its culture, people and products - from good to great. Today’s leaders must possess a paradoxical mix of two important and seemingly conflicting qualities: professional ambition and personal compassion.
Recognized by Forbes as ‘30 Under 30’, Marie Claire's New Guard and by Business Insider as advertising’s ‘30 Most Creative Under 30’, Yunha is CEO and Founder of Simple Habit, a 5-minute app for stress relief. Kim began her career in investment banking and built her first start-up Locket when she was 23-years-old. Kim then began to meditate to help manage the stress of start-up life.
Andrea Hippeau is a Principal at Lerer Hippeau. Prior to joining Lerer Hippeau, she held management and business development roles at portfolio companies The Dodo and Bark & Co.
Power Ledger is a movement to help retailers manage their supply and demand, allowing everyday consumers to contribute to solving the price spikes and demand shortages that bedevil the industry. ​