Dr. Sana Farid: Leading the way for a Brighter Future

Women in Tech


Dr. Sana Farid is the CEO and co-founder of Dubai based education consultancy organization Munfarid and a pioneer ARVR strategist in MENA region. A qualified surgeon and a goodwill ambassador for women empowerment in the region, Dr. Sana Farid works for the well-being of society and envisions to streamline AI/ARVR based programs in education, healthcare, aviation, and public service sector respectively. Being an Arab native and author she is known for her vital role in supporting inclusion of AI/AR/VR programs through government and non- government initiative in several developing countries as she travels through the world.

“Sometimes, your dreams are so powerful that you can’t rest unless you accomplish them, the ideas continually flow, and you keep on working,” says Dr. Sana Farid, CEO, and co-founder of Munfarid.

"Collaborative learning and utilizing human capital for enhancement of life experiences are areas where all my efforts are directed towards. I would feel privileged to witness others holding on to the same vision as well."

‘Learn By Doing’

Distinctive competence measures being the motto of Munfarid, its mission is to harness the power of immersive experiences and set stellar standards for training and education. They endeavor to boost students’ and employees’ intellectual abilities while driving the market shift and boosting the economy. Overall, their goal is to impact lives by realizing ARVR’s massive potential positively. In the long-term, the company’s goal is to reform how the world witnesses and uses ARVR.

Munfarid is an elegant concoction of dedication, passion, and empowerment via disruptive intelligence. We discover and implement revolutionizing ARVR applications for educational and healthcare industries”, describes Dr. Sana. “Learn by Doing” is something that we firmly stand for: ARVR simulations and 3D holographic provisions enable students to acquire sharper skills while improving self-reliance and decisiveness.”

Dr. Sana Farid, Co-founder & CEO, Munfarid

Revolutionizing Aspects of Technology

It was during her practice as a surgeon, Dr. Sana realized the need for substantial training, continuous practice and efficient doctor-patient interaction. As she carried her endeavor for transforming healthcare forward, she realized how X-reality and AI can bring a radical change in the learning process.

As a firm believer in revolutionizing the aspects of technology and hence bringing simplicity in performing tedious tasks, her main idea behind Munfarid was, therefore, to turn technology to a good account and break the barriers of physical limitations. She began multiple impact programs essentially to address issues in developing countries like infant resuscitation and poor standards of education. “Igniting excitement in people is something extremely overwhelming. Imagine a villager, from a developing nation receiving training to resuscitate a dying person in an emergency. You are essentially empowering him to save lives. In the same way, ARVR helps differently abled individuals accomplish things beyond their physical capabilities like swimming or skiing. Using these technologies, the impossible becomes possible”, says Dr. Sana. “Consequently, the joy and smiles on their faces are priceless.”

After months of dedication and perseverance, Munfarid is now the leading organization in the sector of AI and ARVR platforms. Even so over the last five years, the VR client base size has grown by 14900%, rising from just under a million to 150+ million. Firms all over the globe are gearing up for the 4th industrial revolution – which will significantly change the way Munfarid works and interact. When asked to describe her ultimate goal, she said, “Collaborative learning and utilizing human capital for enhancement of life experiences are areas where all my efforts are directed towards. I would feel privileged to witness others holding on to the same vision as well. I believe my legacy will have people aiming to impact more lives and striving to make progress in the best possible manner while feeling empathy for one another. The ultimate betterment of humankind using technology would be my ideal endgame.”

Following her dream to make the world a better place, Dr. Sana never fails to attend numerous outreach events and seminars and equip developing countries and their young generation with competent resources to tackle future challenges boldly.

‘Invest in Yourself’

According to her, humility and teamwork are indispensable values that help empower others. The very intention of empowerment makes you stronger. Warren Buffet’s three golden words “Invest in yourself” have always been her career mantra. She says, “In this fast-moving world, we often forget to invest in ourselves. We get caught in a monotonous routine and never try to improve ourselves. I feel the key to success is continual growth. Try to read whatever you can and improve whatever skill you can. Knowledge never goes to waste. All this information will come back to assist you at some point in your life.” As for the fair share of stereotypes and discouraging remarks she has faced her only response has been, “Discrimination and the glass ceiling are all unavoidable hurdles en route to success for a female. However, you always have a choice: You could blame the external circumstances or focus on what you can do. I feel that my unparalleled desire to revolutionize enabled me to shrug off these issues and provide inspiration to several aspiring businesswomen.”

As a mentor, she is highly inspired by Melinda Gates whose views often leave her in awe. “It’s a dream for me to dine with Melinda Gates, who has inspired millions. She’s not only an iconic tech symbol but also a mammoth contributor to global impact programs. She also oversees the world’s most prominent charity foundation and has made the world a much, much better place,” says Dr. Sana. 

She carries on adding that reluctance and hesitation only cultivate the disbelief. Therefore, she believes that igniting excitement in people is extremely over-whelming and this feeling is caused by your accomplishments and persistent drive to impact lives. “The very people I aim to encourage end up encouraging me. I look back at all the empowered individuals and remind myself that they are the reasons I set sail with Munfarid,” concludes Dr. Sana. “And, they will continue being the reason I face my daily challenges with an evergreen enthusiasm.”

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