Saturday, September 19, 2020
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When someone tells me I cannot achieve something, I will make sure I do”.
One of my drives is learning. I measure my success on the amount of new information I learn, in the long term. As long as I’m learning new processes, new ideas, new tricks, new interactions, I feel I’m having success for myself, and for the others.
Being a leader you need to listen to all and do what is correct. Flexible and with a positive attitude.
I learnt to measure success as a formulation of - degree of happiness, degree of purpose lived and degree of inner evolution.
I measure success by impacts I made to help the world become a healthier and happier place.
Leadership is akin to respect. If you want to lead effectively you need to be respected. You can’t force leadership onto others. Emotional intelligence is crucial.
If you believe in what you are doing, that energy permeates through an organization.
I don’t do what I do to be ''successful". I do it to be as happy as possible in my everyday life. If I am just happy 80% of the time, I believe I am doing it right with my life​.
Challenges are always a great way to grow, so that is always a good thing. And even if you have setbacks it gives you the opportunity to test yourself and the team supporting you. The harder it is the more enjoyable is the success
I have always believed in setting measurable benchmarks and quantitative goals. For me, there is a reward in seeing a task completed successfully.