Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Critics can take away your position, your job, your money, and your networks – but they can never take away your brain. As long as you invest in your brain, and your mind, you will always be able to find a new way forward that achieves more than your critics thought was possible.
Life is a marathon, not a race. I strongly believe in not missing stages in life, else you may fail in the end.
Once I learned to focus on the positive things about my path, I was able to see my path for what it is and not let it be affected by what other people think or want for me.
Keeping an open mind and adapting to the inevitable changes to your business plan is the key.
My goal is to educate and empower whenever I can.
Women, in general, make great investigators because of their natural attention to detail and I try to show them it is a space that even the shy can excel.
I “inspire” others by sharing what I do. People are inspired to be bold, to be ambitious, and to be curious, creative, experimental and adventurous. This is an outward appreciation for the complex and poetic work that is unlike anything they have heard before.
The biggest attributes an entrepreneur needs are determination and belief - both of which should be strong enough to endure the inevitable tough times.
Sometimes, your dreams are so powerful that you can’t rest unless you accomplish them, the ideas continually flow, and you keep on working.
Know your limits; push them or back away. Make mistakes; learn from them and grow.