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As the Taliban takes control of the country, Afghanistan has again become an extremely dangerous place to be a woman. Even before the fall of Kabul on Sunday, the situation was rapidly deteriorating, exacerbated by the planned withdrawal of all...
ELITE WOMEN IN BUSINESS 2021 Mary Jo Rose Gone are the days when traditional ways of business can drive an organization forward. Today, companies with innovative ideas can only realize the full potential of those ideas and business growth if they can quickly...
“Creativity is neither a subject taught at school nor an occupation but an art of living” Elite Women Leaders 2021
Oksana Kolesnikova “Oksana® Enrichment Programs gives you an abundance of reasons to change the fear-based way of thinking.
Our passion is to support the leading healthcare institutions and biotech companies with easy-to-use technology that helps them deliver innovative treatments to patients more quickly and safely.
Be true to yourself. Choose your mentors carefully. Don’t forget to reach back and lift up the younger women who are following in your footsteps.
Technical competency and deliver results; learn from your mentors and sponsors, and always seek to learn more and improve yourself.
Throughout my career, and especially with Gates, I have always felt that it is important for me, and the companies that I work for, to authentically live their core values. I am proud of the team I have built, I am proud that Gates is a model for diversity and inclusion, not only here in Colorado, but the world. I am constantly amazed that a 108-year old company continues to push boundaries and set new standards to promote equality.
I would love to do meaningful things that will change the world, obviously, as would we all, but for now, I want to be able to use the influence and knowledge I have - to do good.
Our warm environment and techniques make them more comfortable. It is an amazing feeling when patients come in and tell us they look forward to their appointments.