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20 Under 40:
Influential Leaders to Watch, 2021.

Rawan Shawar

“We help banks, merchants and billers capture rising real-time opportunities and volumes, all to meet the shifting needs of their consumers and business customers.”

Breanne Sich

Fast forward to today, Mealshare has provided over 5 million meals to youth in need. We have created a community of partners that work together to make sure kids are getting fed across the globe and are 1200 partner restaurants & counting. I made my way from Community Leader to VP of Marketing for Mealshare, and we grew our team of 4 to a team of 15+

All I wanted was to be a novelist one day, but through getting hurt and creating a page to heal, I understood that it wasn’t just about how words had helped me, but also about how my powerful words could help others.

Ben Weiner

“As part of our commitment to diversity, we also proactively offer professional development and workforce training opportunities, including a partnership with the Technology Association of Georgia”

Industry Trends

Aspioneer’s Industry Trends is a series where leaders discuss the volatile markets in which their business operates and what they see happening next.

Farah Law Group, PLLC

Alyssa L. Romero

“Alyssa L. Romero …top-ranked lawyer with more than eight years of total legal experience, Ms. Romero provides exceptional counsel and support to clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley region who have legal needs involving… real estate, plaintiff personal injury claims and school law.”

Carolina Alvarez

“We have shown the importance of what we provide at job sites to our clients and know there will be a continuous need in the post-pandemic world,” says Carolina. “Our growth is our people and our communication style.”

Janelle Flaherty

“The Russ Lyon Charitable Foundation provides a safe, constructive and fulfilling way for the entire Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty family to participate and help. Thus, in January of 2014 the Russ Lyon Charitable Foundation was formed and operates through every office within the company across the State of Arizona”

Life as a Leader

Aspioneer’s Life As A Leader is a series where leaders share what goes on behind-the-scene building incredible brands and businesses.


Nick Romano

Phil Family 20211

Phil Bartocci

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Jordan Guildford

Alexa Baggio

“If you weren’t focused on your employee experience before the pandemic, you damn sure are now. Retention is at an all-time low, the job market is flooded with opportunities and talent, and there’s never been a stronger emphasis on the employer brand and supporting the right employee lifestyle.”

Kimberly Chamberland & Jasmine Byrne

“We have a responsibility to care Partnering with responsible suppliers, reducing the impact of our operations, taking care of our employees, and contributing to the communities where we live and work, has enabled us to grow and foster improved sustainability practices for over three decades”

Jordan Fuchs

“Each passing year, I have gained more and more valuable insight into our business model and inner dynamics and have now become the organization's business administrator.”


Aspioneer’s How I Made It? is a series where leaders share what they have built and the lessons learned along the way.

Patrick Davis

“Our company will continue to absorb or create other companies that can be vertically integrated with us. This lets us be less reliant on lower-tier service providers”

Sachin Bansal

“I promised myself I would only work for a company whose product I believed in, and that's why I turned down other opportunities where I wasn't particularly excited about the product. Joining SecurityScorecard is one of the best career decisions I have ever made”


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