Jordan Fuchs: Revolutionizing the Home Automation Industry.

A “modern business” is one that not only uses the latest technology but also forms the closest associations to maintain a competitive advantage, and to supply their customers with the finest solutions. It is also true that the overall business environment today is that of a buyer’s market, which further impels suppliers to best serve every demand of their customers.

Over the last couple of decades though, one species of professional has been walking a path that has revolutionized the entire home automation and consumer electronics industry. Established more than 25 years ago, HTSA or Home Technology Specialists of America is the only member-owned trade consortium in the industry dedicated to creating high-end home automation and electronics solutions.

Jordan Fuchs, Marketing Specialist & Administrator has been with HTSA since the beginning of his career 8 years ago. Over the years he has witnessed first-hand how homes have evolved into smart homes and how HTSA has stayed true to its motto, “Ahead of the Curve”, year after year.

The Foremost Home-Technology Consortium

As an organization, HTSA provides a world of benefits and growth opportunities to its members. By partnering with HTSA, members get exclusive access to the best manufacturers, programs, marketing resources, education, and financial advantages in the business. “Most importantly, HTSA members can share best practices and network within the group to build not just their businesses but also long-lasting partnerships and relationships,” says Jordan.

For over 25 years, HTSA has grown to be the leading, national association of specialty retailers and custom integrators who design and install the highest-performance home technology systems. Today they have the finest class of dealer members in 40 states with over 150 showrooms to serve customers throughout the US and Canada.

As technology rapidly advances and new innovations become available, HTSA continues to remain at the forefront thanks to its strong leadership, innovative solutions, and transparency in operations. With superior live education experiences, workshops, online training, and access to the most sophisticated set of marketing tools, HTSA makes its member’s success unstoppable, enabling them to connect deeply with customers and reach new heights in their business.

Jordan Fuchs

“Each passing year, I have gained more and more valuable insight into our business model and inner dynamics and have now become the organization's business administrator.”

At the Helm

So how does one organization stay “Ahead of the Curve” for such a long time? For starters, this group of professionals includes some of the most top-notch home automation engineers in the world. Also, HTSA is the only member-owned and led buying group, with its Board of Directors composed of these very professionals, who are democratically elected by the consortium itself. The association prides itself on providing talented individuals the platform to display and market their next-generation home automation concepts.

Our team, led by Jon Robbins, HTSA Executive Director, is the finest in the industry. Jon’s leadership is second to none, and our group’s success and direction can all be traced back to his leadership. We hired an industry legend in Tom Doherty, who holds Director of Technology Initiatives. Through Tom’s efforts, we successfully brought a new product category into the market/industry. Through his success, other groups followed suit. Following him, HTSA hired Keith Esterly, Chief Learning Architect. Keith understands the importance of relationships and selling, and talent development. For our members only, he created an immersive relationship science curriculum. This innovative curriculum is desired and sought after by the entire industry,” shares Jordan.

As for Jordan himself, he was offered a position as a marketing specialist with HTSA straight out of college. Fast forward eight years, and the home technology industry has still not ceased to amaze him. He carries the same passion for his career as he did on that very first day stating, “each passing year, I have gained more and more valuable insight into our business model and inner dynamics and have now become the organization’s business administrator.

Extending the Outreach

After decades in existence, HTSA recently evolved into a virtual business environment. With the rapid evolution in innovation and technology, HTSA has continued to remain on the leading edge due to its progressive inventiveness. Jordan says, “We can all agree excellent social media content and engagement is a catalyst for success.” To this effect, HTSA has partnered with industry allies, like CATalyzing Communications, Netsertive and One Firefly, who specifically engage in SEO and SEM and increase the Social Media presence for HTSA and its member partners.

Even during the Covid-19 outbreak, HTSA stayed ahead of the curve, quickly creating an online learning site and a unique outbound marketing strategy for their members to implement immediately. Due to the pandemic, the consortium could not have the in-person meetings it is famous for, but stayed in close touch with each other via online training and interactive sessions which propelled the members towards scalable growth, even amidst the pandemic.

With most of the world spending more time than usual in their homes nowadays, the demand for home improvement projects, including control systems, home theatre, robust network, lighting & shades, audio/video, outdoor entertainment, and others is on the rise. “Our industry channel seemed to be immune to the pandemic, and as a group, we’re up close to 20% in annual revenue,” shares Jordan.

Nothing is Impossible!

As mentioned earlier, for Jordan HTSA has been his first and only job since college. Today, his responsibility has developed into one of the most dynamic professional roles – keeping ahead of emerging trends in the ever-evolving technology industry. Even while growing up, Jordan was a goal-oriented and result-driven kid, fuelled by a passion to succeed. “Along the way, through the help of my parents, with their constant love and support, I developed a strong sense of my values and what I hold close,” smiles Jordan. In 2020 he was presented the Dealerscope 2020 – 40 Under 40 award, an award that recognizes the best and brightest idea-generators in the industry.

During his personal time, Jordan enjoys playing sports and can be frequently spotted strumming the strings of his guitar. He has also found a new passion in implementing a holistic approach towards his health. “I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, an autoimmune disease, which can have a crippling effect on people of any age. Yet, after four years of listening to my body and constantly learning the art of food and alternative medicine, I’ve managed to stay medication-free for 18 months and am now almost completely healed of my disease. The diagnosis could have led me to give up, but instead gave me a completely different perspective on life and the confidence to say nothing is impossible!”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The world of technology is constantly evolving and so is HTSA. As they progress into 2022, the HTSA team remains driven to stay ahead of the curve, redefining their buying group’s core values with a new and improved sense of organizational direction and culture. “As we progress into 2022, we are embarking on our ‘Fresh Start’ Initiative designed to encourage our members and vendor partners to take the next step; take actions towards more and loftier goals, and boost energy and enthusiasm,” says Jordan.

Looking ahead, Jordan remains hopeful and excited to physically see and exchange ideas with HTSA’s members and vendor partners at live events. And as for the consortium itself, with an inviolable leadership team at the helm backed by an inventive and forward-thinking team of professionals, HTSA will continue to stay at the forefront of its league for years to come.

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