Leveraging data with Chethan KR.

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Chethan KR, Chief Executive Officer at SynctacticAI, Inc. is a visionary leader who is set out on a mission to bring an intelligent change in the way business is done. It will primarily impact the way business is conceived and planned. With data management at its core, the change Chethan is trying to bring is simply beyond the conventional imagination.

Founded in 2019 Bangalore based SynctacticAI is a Data Intelligence platform that assists organizations to simplify and speed the process of Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Insight Automation. It offers an end-to-end data platform anyone can connect their data sources to, define a steady workflow, visualize insights and build result-oriented ML/AI models. It enables teams to collaborate while working on a single source of truth for all their data needs. The flexibility of Hybrid Multicloud provides data teams the power to optimize their workflows and bring in data or store data anywhere they please right from On-Premise to any of the cloud providers. Thus, helping businesses turn their data sets into actionable insights using machine learning and making desired results more achievable. 

Below Chethan discusses why data is the next digital revolution.

Aspioneer (A): Tell us about the industry in which your business operates?

Chethan (C): “We are an Industry agnostic company but as GTM we have been more focused on the Retail, Internet, and D2C industry.”

(A): Why are you working in this industry? How is your business contributing to the industry?

(C): “Data is being gathered and created at rates unprecedented in history. Much of this data is intended to drive business outcomes but on average, less than half of an organization’s structured data is actively used in making decisions. We believe data is the next digital revolution, bigger and more disruptive than the web. We’re truly convinced everyone should be part of it. That’s why we want to help business leaders bring data-driven initiatives to life, without adding pressure on teams, budgets, or technological choices. Our strategy to handle the entire data science cycle from start to end with a single platform makes us stand out. We on the other side are focusing on mid-tier to SMB companies in this space who have just started adopting data-driven initiatives. Making their adoption process seamless, easy, and less hassle is what we are focusing on today. There is a great demand in the market by D2C companies to adopt digital and through that data becomes a key factor which is where we are working with them to make it happen.”

Chethan KR

“Change is the only constant. Adopting newer ways and technologies is the only way to keep ahead in the game. We follow the customer needs very rigorously and based on the needs adopt the best and newest tech that is required.”

(A): Who are the industry’s leading players? What is it about them that you admire? What are the business trends that they are advancing?

(C): “Today company like Palentir and C3.ai are one of the major leaders in this space offering Analytics and AI solutions in retail. They all are offering solutions to large organizations and making adoption of AI/ ML very effectively.”

(A): How do you keep up-to-date on new technologies and trends in your industry?

(C): “Change is the only constant. Adopting newer ways and technologies is the only way to keep ahead in the game. We follow the customer needs very rigorously and based on the needs adopt the best and newest tech that is required.”

(A): What are the common myths/misconceptions about the industry? 

(C): “One of the biggest myth/misconceptions in the Data Analytics and AI/ML space is that companies feel it’s tough and costly to implement. But bringing the right tools like Synctactic makes things very easy and affordable as well. Also, in the era where hiring is very challenging, organizations need to evolve from their misconception that everything needs to be in house, they should rather move out of the box and start adopting with collaborations and move faster with faster GTM when it comes to Analytics and BI.”

(A): What are the biggest challenges facing business leaders today in your industry?

(C): “Vendor lock-in and legacy IT Infrastructures are the two biggest challenges organizations or business leaders face today.”

(A): How has COVID-19 impacted your industry?

(C): “Covid has in fact made organizations realize the importance of data-driven transformations and has brought in a need for an organization to evolve digitally.”

(A): In what direction do you see your industry going in the next 5/10 years?

(C): “With pandemic and for next 5/10 years every organization will start evolving digitally. Organizations are willing to try out new things and bring more tech-driven and solution-oriented automation to speed their growth.”

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