The sports industry is being disrupted more than ever, says Ty Jackson.

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Ty Jackson is Head of Business Development at SeventySix Capital, an investment company based in Conshohocken, PA that invests in game-changing sports betting, esports, and sports technology companies. In 2021, SeventySix Capital sold VSiN, The Sports Betting Network, to DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) and Vigtory, a next-generation sportsbook, to fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO). Through its investments, SeventySix Capital has transformed the way sports are played, coached, watched, and consumed.

A leader in the fast-growing sports industry, SeventySix Capital has been building sports technology companies for over two decades and leverages that experience through its Sports Advisory consulting group. SeventySix Capital also has its Athlete Venture Group, led by Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer Brian Westbrook and Philadelphia Union Captain Alejandro Bedoya, which allows current and former players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports startups and entrepreneurs.

Below, Ty shares trends shaping the future of sports. 

Aspioneer (A): Tell us about the industry in which your business operates?

Ty (T): “Sports are an evolving and fast-growing landscape, with new technologies transforming how teams, leagues, and fans interact with games and with each other. SeventySix Capital has positioned itself as a value-add investor at the forefront of emerging sports technologies across Data Collection & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, next-generation sports tech, NFTs, Payments, Streaming, Media Platforms, and more.

In the U.S., sports betting is changing how fans interact with sports. With sports betting now fully legal in over 30 states, SeventySix Capital continues to invest in world-class sports betting tech entrepreneurs, such as Joseph Hagan and Bobby Skoff of Swish Analytics, Matthew Holt, CEO of U.S. Integrity, and Dylan Robbins, CEO of Lucra Sports.”

Ty Jackson

Our team at SeventySix Capital is confident that new fan engagement technologies, such as blockchain, AR/VR, the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and others will have an outsized impact on the sports industry

(A): Why are you working in this industry? How is your business contributing to the industry?

(T): “The team and I are incredibly passionate about working with great entrepreneurs to build disruptive sports technology companies. SeventySix Capital has been leading the sports investment industry with unparalleled sports industry access and game-changing exits. The team and I work hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to solve complex challenges and provide invaluable strategic support and connections.

As one of few investors to provide both strategic and financial support to early-stage sports technology companies, SeventySix Capital not only invests in entrepreneurs, but also gives back to the community, and mentors the next generation of leaders hungry to change the world. Our commitment to “smart and nice” entrepreneurs is more than a philosophy, it’s a standard for how and where we invest ourselves and our capital. We support great people with amazing ideas.”

(A): How do you keep up-to-date on new technologies and trends in your industry?

(T): “Subscribe to SeventySix Capital across all social media and to the SeventySix Capital Newsletter!

SeventySix Capital has a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent, a sports marketing and talent agency with a wide range of clients including NFL and NBA stars, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Heisman Trophy winners, Olympic icons, media personalities, and celebrity chefs. SeventySix Capital is also a partner with the American Gaming Association on their Have A Game Plan responsible sports betting campaign.”

(A): Tell us what is disrupting your industry?

(T): “Our team at SeventySix Capital is confident that new fan engagement technologies, such as blockchain, AR/VR, the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and others will have an outsized impact on the sports industry. Our investments with NFT PRO, the enterprise white-label NFT solution for global brands and sports organizations led by blockchain expert Christian Ferri, and Quintar, an augmented reality streaming solution for sports led by former Intel executives Dr. S. Jay Jayaram and Dr. Jeff Jonas, emphasize our belief that blockchain and other revolutionary technologies will entirely transform how sports are played, coached, watched, and consumed.”

(A): How has COVID-19 impacted your industry? What do you think will change in the industry as a result of the pandemic? What changes do you think will be permanent?

(T): “While the pandemic certainly challenged the sports industry, it overwhelmingly accelerated technological and digital transformation. The success of video technologies like interactive streaming platform Maestro, and fitness streaming provider FORTË, signals a new era for fan engagement solutions. Additionally, the esports industry has been growing rapidly. Nerd Street Gamers, a national network of esports facilities where players of all ages and abilities compete, recently opened the nation’s first esports campus in the heart of Philadelphia. We are excited about the continued advancement of the esports industry after the pandemic and the impact that it will have on traditional sports and sports media, as well as the inevitable large-scale convergence of esports and sports betting.”

(A): In what direction do you see your industry going in the next 5/10 years?

(T): “Sports are becoming more digital and technology will ultimately be able to replicate the in-venue experience for out-of-venue fans, powered by new fan fully immersive engagement solutions. And, given the highly competitive nature of sports, teams at all levels will be seeking technologies to improve performance on and off the field. As Chad Stender, Partner, at SeventySix Capital says, “All balls, bats and sticks will be smart” and this is demonstrated by SeventySix Capital’s portfolio companies, Diamond Kinetics, the leading baseball and softball technology company, and ShotTracker, which brings elite-level basketball analytics to the masses. We believe that billions of dollars will be invested into disruptive sports technology companies resulting in a new wave of sports technology entrepreneurs who shape the future of sports. Building the next big thing in sports? Reach out to us at!