According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports, every day, approximately 28 Americans get to indulge in fatal drunk and driving car accidents. In any given year, nearly 1.5 million people in the country are arrested for being drunk and driving.

However, some reports also show that 6% of the criminal charges, including DUI (driving under the influence), are false. Such wrongful allegations and convictions affect the person accused to a great extent. Financial damage is merely one loss of such an accusation. Loss of reputation, emotional strain, stress, and anxiety are other damages that a person experiences.

In case the person involved in the accident is a business owner, the damage is even more challenging to deal with. It can lead to unbearable business losses and harm the brand reputation. Luckily, there are a few ways businesses can recoup their losses, and owners can boost their reputation and confidence. Continue reading to know!

    • Contact A DUI Lawyer

DUI conviction might feel like the end of the world, but that’s really not the case. Before you begin to feel helpless or lose hope, you must try to fight for what’s right. In simple terms, you must get in touch with  DUI lawyers to get the best possible solution for your case. Understand that conviction of DUI charges can lead from financial penalty and suspension of driving privileges to imprisonment. It generally depends on the state or county you are a part of.

But, if you have a lawyer by your side, they can help prove your innocence, eliminate the charges or reduce probation. Make sure to provide proper information and, in all honesty, to the lawyer. It will help them formulate a trial strategy that can help you.

    • Employ More Staff To Manage The Business

It goes without saying that while you are dealing with the charges with the help of your lawyer, your business is likely to suffer losses. In order to avoid such a situation, it would be wise to hire new staff to manage the business, in your absence. It will help you micro-manage the business operations, which will ensure that you can formulate or amend business plans accordingly.

Nevertheless, it will be a bit more difficult for you to attract potential clients and customers. You must expose the truth with the help of a lawyer and improve your market reputation. When your charges are dropped or reduced, ensure that this news is provided to the necessary parties. It will help regain their trust and confidence in your business.

Think of this phase as a PR strategy to help boost the brand’s reputation and goodwill. Spread a good message to the target audience using your staff. It will help you grow and start making revenue again.

    • Recover From Social Stigma

Understand that if you are involved in an accident and are arrested for DUI, the information may be published in the newspaper, on a local news website, or elsewhere. In such a scenario, word of mouth can quickly spread, and clients may be unwilling to do business with you. It can have a domino effect, causing you to lose current customers and making it more difficult to gain new ones.

However, instead of losing your hope, you must take appropriate steps to recover from social stigma. Sending honest or truthful messages along with apologies for inconveniences will go a long way in these circumstances, reducing the stigma.

As a business owner, you also have a platform to set an example for others and create a campaign. You can consider donating money to alcohol support charities, rehab centers or offering your views about the same in local schools or colleges. These small steps will help improve your reputation and deal with the social stigma.

    • Take Preventive Measures

Last but not least, you must take every possible preventive measure to minimize this type of risk to your business. Your business name getting associated with such cases, in any way, is only going to harm it. Therefore, you must set clear working guidelines, conduct background checks and even hire drivers for late-night rides.

These steps will ensure that you or your business does not get involved in DUI cases. Also, stay in touch with lawyers as they can help make the situation favorable for you.

To Sum It All Up

DUI charges can affect business owners significantly. It is essential that they practice utmost precautions to avoid such charges. Nevertheless, if convicted, it is recommended to consult a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. They can help evaluate the prevailing situation and offer relevant solutions. Apart from that, make sure to follow the measures given about and recoup business losses.

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