HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) were established before 1964 to educate African-Americans in the country. Today, these colleges are open to students from other races as well.

According to NCES, 24% of enrollment in HBCUs was made up of non-Black students. Georgia is one of the US states with the highest number of HBCUs. There are 14,650 students attending 4-years courses in the University.

So, how do you select the best college with several popular HBCUs in Georgia?

Here are factors that can help you shortlist the right colleges as per your requirement.


Do you want to go to a University near your home, or are you fine moving away? Will you live on-campus or off-campus? Do you have a general idea about living costs? Answers to these questions will help you narrow down choices.


What degree do you want to pursue? Some colleges are famous for their business administration courses, while others are known for their Medicinal courses and STEM programs. Opting for a college that specializes in the course of your interest will provide you with better resources and support.

Scholarships and Fees

How much will the course cost you? Consider tuition and living expenses when deciding on a college. Connect with alumni to understand the average student debt they are left with. When applying to colleges, enquire if there are any scholarship programs available.

Several popular HBCUs in Georgia offer financial assistance to students; ask about their qualification requirements.

Career Planning

Does the college provide help with career planning activities? Do they offer counseling sessions? What is the employment rate among students who have completed their degrees? What is their average starting salary?

These questions will shed light on your employability score in the marketplace.

Which are the Top HBCU Colleges in Georgia?

The requirements and deadlines for HBCU colleges might differ, but the process has been made easier with Common Black College applications. You can now apply to 58 HBCUs with a one-time fee of $35.

Here are the top 5 HBCUs in Georgia.

Spelman College

Located in Atlanta, this college holds the rank of the number one HBCU in the US. With an acceptance rate of 39%, the college enrolls about 2500 students every year. Business administration is the popular major among undergraduates here.

Morehouse College

Another college located in Atlanta, Morehouse, holds the 4th rank among the HBCUs in the US. With an acceptance rate of 58%, the college offers several undergraduate, master, and doctorate programs.

Clark Atlanta University

One of the oldest Black colleges, Clark Atlanta, is a private Methodist University. The University offers courses in 38 different areas of study. It has an acceptance rate of 49%.

Fort Valley State University

The University is known for a one-of-its-kind program called CDEP. The program helps women and minorities earn two bachelor’s degrees, one in science and other energy-related. Fort Valley State University has an acceptance rate of 53%.

When going through popular HBCUs in Georgia, consider location, tuition fees, living costs, courses, and employability. Do your research, talk to alumni, reach out to students in social media groups before deciding on a college.

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