Friday, December 1, 2023


Featured Asset & Wealth Management Company

Jack W. Kennedy III

“When you work with one of us, you get the best of all of us.”

Featured Asset & Wealth Management Company

Todd Wike

‘Finding your Freedom’ is about living your life and planning your future in a way that leads you to your desired destination without the burden of worrying about your money.”

Featured Asset & Wealth Management Company

Dale Crossley

“Through ongoing communication and following the Voyage process, we carefully and consistently review our customers’ portfolio progress. Whether we’re helping clients planning for retirement, saving for their child’s education, or simply looking for financial planning advice, we help them along life’s journey.” 

Evan Shear

“We pride ourselves in forming trusting relationships with clients and have a responsibility to never let them down – it’s our true passion and purpose and our clients know that about us.”

Featured Asset & Wealth Management Company

Nicholas Sergio

“Our goal was to have our clients take care of their families and their health while we took expert care of their financial well-being.”

“One thing is sure - every business faces constant attacks and every business that will not deploy some level of security will get hacked and pretty quickly.”

“Changes are needed and urgent. But, for the transformation to happen, we cannot rely only on the government and punctual initiatives. We all need to be protagonists in building a better world.”

“With social security coming under intense strain in the future, people have started to wonder about what's going to happen to those safety nets. If you count on Social Security for your retirement, you might not live in the manner you're accustomed to right now. I think this is a real issue."

“H&A stands for two elements that combine their strengths: over 225 years of tradition in first-class personal advice meets contemporary technology.”


We were witnessing the death of a Coral reefs.

The Chagos Archipelago is one of the most remote, seemingly idyllic places on Earth. Coconut-covered sandy beaches with incredible bird life rim tropical islands

Will cancelling student loan debt boost economy?

At the end of June 2021, 43 million borrowers – or about 14% of all adults in the U.S. – owed approximately US$1.59 trillion in outstanding federal student loans.

Say Hello to Stablecoins!

Financial regulators are increasingly concerned about stablecoins, a type of cryptocurrency tied to an asset like the US dollar.

Mounting disadvantage and health issues of EV

EVs do have environmental advantages over conventional vehicles. In particular, they generate less carbon emissions during their lifetime

Changing our interpretation of the liberal employment contract is a good place to start.

A loophole that many self-employed people have used to avoid paying income tax and national insurance in the UK has closed.

Uber has been great for some people and bad for others.

It has been good for its founders and investors. It has been good for riders who get a convenient and well-priced new way to travel. And it has been good for some drivers who want flexible work.

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