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For Kennedy Investment Group (KIG) and President and CEO, Jack W. Kennedy, caring for their clients is much more than financial planning or managing an investment portfolio. As one of Raymond James’ leading practices1, they’ve forged a stellar reputation for exceeding expectations through an unwavering commitment to service excellence. That promise and their continued success is supported through a seasoned professional team and over 160 years of collective experience delivering a collaborative-based planning approach that leverages the team’s broad expertise.

Kennedy Investment Group’s “super-ensemble” approach was not an overnight process as Kennedy attests. Established in 2004, KIG has attracted and developed a team with an unparalleled depth of financial planning and investment expertise over the years.   Kennedy shares, “It may be cliché but it holds true for any successful business – great businesses begin with great people. Over the years, our evolution as a planning practice is rooted in our ability to attract and retain the industry’s best and brightest talent. More importantly, our team understands the importance of client trust, never taking it for granted and continually striving to earn it. As our client’s trusted team of financial professionals, we are all driven by a fiduciary commitment to deliver successful financial outcomes, placing accountability above all else, and always going above and beyond.”

KIG’s team of seasoned professionals are collectively committed to intimately understanding their client’s financial blueprint and delivering professional advice across a wide range of specialties. In addition to the expertise of a licensed advisor, every client enjoys the benefits and support of experienced financial analysts, insurance specialists and goal planning professionals, each dedicated to providing exemplary care and backed by the industry’s best financial services and solutions.  

Jack W. Kennedy III

“As a team and from the onset of any client partnership, we firmly understand the important role financial planning plays in our client’s lives. It requires important decisions that require a multi-disciplined approach to wealth management. That’s where we excel – providing our clients a robust, well-rounded expertise that other firms simply can’t match,” said Kennedy. “I use this quote often as it best describes our team approach – “When you work with one of us, you get the best of all of us.”

Financial Care for Life  

While it may appear to be a clever tagline, KIG’s “Financial Care for Life” mantra is much more than a marketing message.  As Kennedy asserts,” ‘Financial Care for Life’ speaks precisely to who we are and what we do to help our client’s succeed. It’s our passion and where we excel. More importantly, it’s our client promise – for life.”  

With a suite of services ranging from retirement planning and investments to insurance and college savings, KIG is committed to providing the confidence and knowledge their clients need to be prepared for life’s uncertainties and reach their goals irrespective of the circumstances.  “Financial Care for Life” also demonstrates what truly gives them an edge over other industry competitors – their care-based approach to managing their client’s financial today and tomorrow. KIG’s advisors specialize in a variety of planning areas, working collaboratively to intimately understand their client’s financial background and offering professional advice across various areas of expertise. 

Kennedy adds, “At the heart of ‘Financial Care for Life’ is a commitment to unparalleled experience and expertise for every aspect of your life journey. Whether you’re just starting a family, planning for retirement or enjoying your retirement years, we’ re here to help and provide experience-based solutions and guidance. Our clients are our only meaningful purpose and drive everything we do.  At Kennedy Investment Group, you get much more than a financial advisor.  You get a trusted partner for life.”

A Culture Founded on Service, Culture and Hospitality

Service, organizational culture and hospitality are the three pillars of the KIG brand that harmoniously deliver “Financial Care for Life.” To elaborate, “service” includes their clearly defined systems and processes that ensure that no breakdowns occur. “Culture” speaks of their code of conduct, values, community, and beliefs where their clients are their employers, and their success is their purpose. The best example of this practice at KIG is their “it pays to wait” policy, specifying any client waiting for more than four minutes for a scheduled appointment will receive compensation. “Hospitality” is all about making every client experience memorable and worth their valuable time.  It also includes an office courtesy library where clients can leave with recommended books as well as a hospitality station covering everyday needs ranging from mobile power banks and shoe shine kits to eye glass repair kits, hand sanitizer, Tide sticks and Chapstick.    

KIG also has its own “credo,” depicting its core values and beliefs as an organization. Shedding some more light on it, Kennedy shares, “As a company, we’ve always been committed to steadfast processes and procedures that ensure we can deliver a consistently excellent client experience.  For instance, we have a ‘Two-Phone Ring Policy.’ Clients should expect to be communicating with a live, competent person within two phone rings. No voicemail.  We have a “Goodnight Policy’ – every call and email will be returned the same day even if we stay late and say goodnight to every person that needed to speak with us during the same day.  We also have a ‘No Pile and No Backburner Policy.’ A client will never be under a pile, and every file receives undivided attention during our checkpoint meetings.”

This kind of dedication and commitment is uncommon in the industry and truly makes KIG stand out in terms of their customer support and driving client loyalty. 

Pandemic Preparedness

March 9, 2020, 11 years since the great recession, marked the beginning of an unexpected worldwide economic slowdown. While most businesses had to pull their shutters down, KIG pulled their sleeves up. Proactively as part of their ongoing support and counseling, they had been educating their clients on being financially and emotionally prepared for the next downturn.

Kennedy says, “When the pandemic hit, we had already been through a massive economic slide ‘fire drill’ several times with each and every client. It reiterated our preparedness and defensive philosophy at the peak of a cycle. Our preparations also made it a quick pivot into leveraging technology for seamless business continuity.”

Looking towards the future and the post-COVID-19 era, KIG’s mission and care-based approach will continue to be a mainstay and serve as a differentiator regardless of any challenges that lie ahead. They have, however, changed how they deliver their services due to social distancing measures and client preferences. 

Speaking of what lies ahead and what his plans are for KIG, Kennedy asserts, “We will continue to serve our clients in a way that each and every client feels as if they are our only client and the only thing that matters with each and every engagement.  We’re passionate about helping our client’s succeed and providing each with the confidence they can achieve their dreams of tomorrow while being prepared for any of life’s uncertainties.  It’s organic to who we are individually and collectively and true to our ‘Financial Care for Life’ promise.”

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1 Jack Kennedy is a member of Raymond James' Chairman's Council. Membership is based on prior fiscal year production. Re-qualification is required annually. The ranking may not be representative of any one client's experience, is not an endorsement, and is not indicative of an advisor's future performance. No fee is paid in exchange for this award/rating.

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