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Even the most basic amount of research on the internet will reveal that the global financial market has gone through revolutionary changes in the last few decades. Everyone in their lives has now witnessed at least one time that the financial sector has shaken and plummeted, leaving people astray and wondering how to best manage and save one’s assets for the next and inevitable rainy day, month, or even year.

Helping people and entities avoid such rainy days by careful and calculated consultation advice about their financial assets are a Brazil-based team of finance experts named XP Inc. Established more than 20 years ago, this company has redefined the way asset management is looked at and has made a mark in the global market for providing expert, latest and long-lasting financial advice to its diverse portfolio of clients.

Improving people’s lives
XP is a leading technology-driven platform and trusted provider of low-cost financial products and services in Brazil. The company offers fixed income, equities, investment funds, private pension products, as well as wealth management assistance, and other financial services.

To give back to the world, their forte is that the Environmental, Social and Governance factors now are one of the key drivers and influencers of international finance. XP is at the forefront of applying the ESG factors into their financial strategies for their clients and is seeing accurate and better results than ever before.

The company transforms social and environmental issues into business opportunities for its clients enabling them to build a better, secure, and well-managed future. Although the ESG path is still new, it has received a lot of focus and attention from economists all over the world, given the rapid way the world around us is changing. Through collaborations with like-minded individuals and companies, XP works at bringing together the best references and market practices in the design, implementation, and acceleration of ESG issues.

“Changes are needed and urgent. But, for the transformation to happen, we cannot rely only on the government and punctual initiatives. We all need to be protagonists in building a better world.”

XP provides customers with two principal kinds of services. Firstly, they provide financial advisory services for retail clients in Brazil, high-net-worth clients, international clients, and corporate and institutional clients, to manage their assets and investments.

Furthermore, they have created an open financial product platform that provides access to over 750 investment products including equity and fixed income securities, mutual and hedge funds, structured products, life insurance, and many more.

Values, culture, and responsibility

At XP, employees are encouraged to portray their entrepreneurial spirit. When faced with a problem, they are asked to focus only on the solution rather than the problem itself. The effectiveness of these teams is reflected in their autonomy and their collaborative spirit, both inside and outside the workplace.

The well-trained financial advisors have taken it upon themselves to support the transition of organizations and individuals towards a better world. With the aim to transform Brazil, its economy and ultimately its spending power, XP is ready with its arsenal of skilled employees, customers, investors, partners, and the market to make a positive change.

Acting as leaders, they have come up with their own unique solutions to ESG related issues. The company is breaking barriers by supporting the allocation of resources to companies, projects, and institutions that address the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges.

“The customer's interest is above any other interest, no matter with who or how many we have to fight for it.”

Guilherme Benchimol, founder and CEO of XP Inc, inculcates a customer-centric approach throughout his organization. The financial aides at XP are trained to first understand a client’s individual requirements and then offer them a tailor-made solution based on their needs. Investments generate value for society and with the ESG agenda as their guiding light; XP is well underway in learning and developing concrete profitable solutions for their partners.

Being ESG compliant

Over the last few decades, XP has created and carried out many initiatives with ESG as their prime focus. Their new headquarters called Villa XP is being built in line with the best environmental management practices and international sustainability standards. Villa XP will be fully equipped with rational use of water, renewable energy and energy efficiency, reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials and resources, innovation, and technology.
Similarly, during the pandemic, the company quickly shifted to work from home-based model to continue to provide support to its partners as well as to reduce their own overall carbon footprint.

On the social front, XP has been spearheading various initiatives for the betterment of society and uplifting of the poor. The company has been a protagonist in creating change and opportunities to promote education and diversity through their own practices and the clients they interact with. They aim to have at least 50% women in the workforce by 2025 in all organizations in Brazil. They are associated with diversity inclusion initiatives and organizations like MLHR3, Incluir, BLACKS, SEJA, and others. They have also assisted in several other social projects through their outreach initiatives and have raised more than 33 million in funding assisting upwards of 1.3 million Brazilians. 

 All these initiatives and support channels are led and conducted following the latest and best market practices, all the while maintaining the entrepreneurial culture within the company and the autonomy in the performance of the teams. XP is a proud and steadfast supporter of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and has made a mark in the Brazilian financial world as one of the most authentic and transparent financial aid service providers.

Numbers talk louder than words 

Today, XP has been responsible for creating and bringing to the table more than 800 investment opportunities for individuals and businesses. They have upwards of 3.1 million active clients who use their services and look forward to other genuine financial opportunities that are created at XP regularly. This has earned the company a high NPS calculation of 76 making this company most recommended in the asset management division in Brazil.

The company even runs a financial asset management school by the name of XPEED where one can get comprehensive training and an understanding of ESG asset management. Courses offered here range from learning how to invest in the stock market to managing real estate funds, personal finances, family finances, and general finances, and many more.

“Our senior executives are all shareholders of XP Controle, which, in turn, owns a relevant part of XP’s shares, thus ensuring full alignment of interests.”

Today, the company continues to make positive change through their extensions XP Investimentos, Rico, Clear, Info Money, and Spiti through which they deliver clear, personalized, and quality investment options in different areas like real estate, personal investment, financial education, and others. XP is poised for change and growth for themselves, but more importantly their country, clients, and environment.

A company that was born in a small room with 8 computers back in 2001 is now leading the charge to financial freedom with not only the latest technological innovations and latest software development techniques but with a responsibility to do well and make a positive change to our environment, ecosystem and lives.

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