Friday, June 9, 2023


Kristin Myers-Kemp

Janet Emmendorfer

Lisa A. Smith

“We measure our effects by how well we bring information to the people we are seeking to serve to ensure they understand our messaging regarding the science of behavior and maximizing human outcomes”

Vlada Lotkina

“Be bold and believe in your own potential because if you don’t, nobody else will.”

Crack The Code

Maria del Mar Velez

“We want our kids to feel as if they are playing, and not necessarily taking a class. We complement and elevate K–12 education.”

Ina Behrendt
Sabine Georg

"Literally colorful and diverse, we offer a home base for students from all over the world."

Zahara Chowdhury

"I wanted a glass office, to wear heels every day, and to carry a really shiny bag to work. I guess I’ve made that happen in a very humble way!"