For first-time homeowners, renovating your home can be an exciting project. From designing your home to completing your renovation, one should know what and when to do at every stage of their journey to save cost and ensure a pleasant process. 

Nowadays, HDB flats are a popular choice for many homeowners. After a few years of living, you should change the interiors. 

Planning to renovate your existing HDB flat, then the following guidelines in this article will help you save time and money on your renovation procedure. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your planning for your HDB renovation today. 

Guidelines For Planning A HDB Renovation 

Planning for an HDB  renovation might seem daunting but not impossible. Here are a few guidelines to help you plan your HDB renovation.

1. Hire a Professional 

When you plan to renovate your flat, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. One such important thing is to decide if you would hire an expert with experience and ideas for renovating your flat. 

Hiring a professional might be cost-consuming, but it is a bit less hassle. Similarly, you can handle things like sourcing the materials and managing the construction work. Every minute detail of the renovation will be looked after by the experts hired. 

Thus, hiring an expert contractor will ensure the house renovation is carried out efficiently. However, with their help, you can be sure your home renovation will succeed. 

2. Get Familiarised With HDB Regulations 

HDB flats are a popular choice for first-time buyers and upgraders. If you plan to renovate your existing HDB flat, you must familiarize yourself with the related regulations and policies. 

There are a range of topics covered in the regulation, starting from types of renovation work carried out to noise control and fire safety. 

Following these guidelines will help to make sure that the renovation works are conducted smoothly and safely. 

It is suggested that you read the HDB guidelines, as it will save you from many headaches down the road. Similarly, if you are planning for a HDB renovation for 5 room, you can visit the page for future insights. 

3. Stick To a Schedule 

If you plan to renovate your home, it is vital to make a schedule and stick to the planner. 

The schedule will ensure that every work is done efficiently and on time. Remember, there will be times when unexpected delays might occur. But if you plan ahead, you can accommodate the pending work with little challenge. 

Here are a few tips that will help you stick to your plan.

  • Make a detailed plan when you plan to renovate. 
  • Discuss your planner with the contractor and inform them about the expectations and schedule. 
  • Things might inevitably go wrong during renovation, so be flexible and willing to make adjustments. 

Sticking to your planner will help you take a closer step to a successful HDB renovation. 

4. Plan Your Budget 

For a successful renovation, it is important that you plan a budget ahead. You can find a number of ways to save money for renovation. For instance, you can source cheaper raw materials or do some of the work yourself. 

You can start your renovation when you have a clear idea of how much to spend.

Hence, ensure to receive quotes from your contractor before making the final decision. This research will help you determine if you are receiving the best value for money. 

5. Get The Right Permit 

Before you can start with the renovation, it is necessary that you get the right permit for your HDB renovation. This is because, depending on the source of work, you are required to apply for a PTSW or Permission To Start Work. 

If you plan a minor renovation, like designing the ceiling, installing new flooring, or painting walls, you will not require a PTSW permit. 

Therefore, to get your permit, you can visit the HDB website and apply for a PTSW permit. 

Renovate Your HDB With 3D Representation 

Before you can begin with your renovation work, you must have a clear idea of how to achieve it. Every homeowner has a feeling of renovating their existing HDB and updating their home look or plan to make more structural changes. 

You can also create an interior design with a 3D representation in your home and see the best visualization. It would be your long-lasting investment before making a significant decision. 

Once you know what must be done, you can begin planning your budget and make arrangements for your renovation.

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