Field marketing can be best described as a communication and marketing strategy executed by companies that require services, ads, products, and other items to be out in the field. The main concept is having businesses expose their products and/or services to a wider audience. The goal of field marketing isn’t only to increase sales. It’s also about brand awareness, improving customer understanding and relationships, increasing target audience engagement, or doing something for a charitable cause.

Field marketing is most effective when done “in the field,” for instance, at conferences, events, in public places, retail stores, and trade shows, but now it has also gone virtual.

If you’re looking to implement field marketing in the virtual world, you’re at the right place. Below, we offer you insights to help you get started.

Prioritize Personalization

To invite someone into your virtual meeting room, using a Virtual Phone Number, is in a way similar to inviting them into your home. Take advantage of this opportunity and personalize interaction to get to know your audience. You should understand the challenges they’re currently facing, what they wish to achieve, and how to grab their attention.

When you have the answers to these questions, everything will fall into place. To personalize your virtual field events, make them more interactive by asking fun and relevant questions. One way of making attendees interact is through popular social media contests, live polls, and even surveys.

When you organize a small virtual event, allow attendees to bring a plus one as this will make them feel more relaxed. In addition, this also gives you access to a new potential customer. However, limit the number of attendees to avoid a crowd and do your best to enable open and direct discussions.

Instead of having a boring PowerPoint presentation, provide your audience with an interactive experience. Encourage attendees to turn on their Zoom video for some face-to-face interaction. When hosting your virtual field marketing events, keep them relevant and short and focus only on the target audience and their challenges and needs.

Measure Results and Adapt Regularly

Field Marketing Insights: How to Deliver Effective Experience in the Virtual World

Even though markets are slowly recovering, there is still some level of uncertainty felt in the air. For this reason, we recommend that you measure success against your pipeline goals. There are certain metrics that you can keep in mind to determine whether your field marketing efforts are worthwhile.

First, you should consider building a new pipeline. Your field marketing campaign should be driving more potential customers your way. Another metric is the number of unique attendees. This will show whether your topics of discussion and marketing resonated with your target audience. Furthermore, content enablement is another metric, indicating the total pieces of content, including social posts, videos, and blog posts you can create based on these events.

Last but not least, pay attention to the attendees’ demographics to better understand who in your target audience engaged actively during your virtual field event.

Keep It Small and Short

Field Marketing Insights: How to Deliver Effective Experience in the Virtual World

Being virtual gives you the chance to reach out to a large number of people but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should organize long, elaborate, or large events. On the contrary, holding shorter and more intimate field events can boost your customer engagement strategy.

A whopping 93% of event attendees believe that virtual events should not take longer than 60 minutes. If you’re looking to create organic connections with your audience, organizing smaller and shorter events will help you accomplish this by allowing you to work more closely with your attendees.

Some of the best ways to deliver an intimate virtual field marketing experience are by hosting a virtual game. When guests play engaging games, they can work together and meet a common goal. This helps create a bond, and establish a sense of trust and community.

Another great way to succeed in creating an intimate virtual field marketing experience is by thinking outside the box and organizing workshops. You can either hire a spiritual expert to lead a meditation session or invite experts on different subject matters to help attendees get answers to their questions. If you want to incorporate laughter, why not hire a comedian to liven up the virtual field marketing event. This will certainly leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Final Words

Field marketing in the virtual world allows you to take your buyer-seller relationship to a whole new level and it gives prospects the chance to get to know your brand better. Not only does it allow prospects to experience your products or services in a unique way but it also allows you to engage directly and get valuable feedback on how to improve your company’s offerings.

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