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A driving force for decentralized security

Blockchain technologies are disrupting businesses worldwide, creating the need for new information and economic models for software and services. The immutability of blockchain technologies brings cross-border and cross-enterprise assurance that data is a shared truth, which will enable a slew of new service models. From exchanging value to enabling globally trusted communications, the old paradigms of control will change.
The future is decentralized, putting users back in control. However, the current state of the internet and the mess that has been created by our password driven lifestyle stands in the way.
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Technology can make governments obsolete and that can be good for us
Blockchain based property registries may reduce poverty
How can blockchain enhance energy security

"The consequences of this breakthrough are hard to overstate."

- Sir Richard Branson

Thinking about Blockchain


“If you eat food, you are involved in agriculture”.

Genevieve Leveille, Agriledger

“One of the areas that we believe blockchain will be fundamentally transformative is in the core parts of our economy. We have this thesis that blockchain is the new cloud. What we mean by that is: cloud really was the enabling infrastructure that made the web real — at least, from a B2B perspective. We believe similarly that blockchain will be central to reshaping our financial system and businesses who transact within that system for years to come.”

- Jeremy Almond, Paystand

“Ethereum is a movement. It is the most technologically sophisticated production ready blockchain with the largest developer ecosystem, most active community, most resources and 2nd most value”.

- Joseph Lubin, co-founder, Ethereum

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Blockchain Everywhere


Towards a cashless society: Central banks backed digital currencies could be the key​


Health care reimagined​: Medical providers are exploring blockchain technologies​

“A decade since blockchain burst onto the scene—in the form of Bitcoin and as a response to the global financial crisis—we are now witnessing the emergence of use cases that go beyond Satoshi Nakamoto’s wildest dreams”

“Every time a client asks for something new, we get excited to find a solution and build new case studies that have never been done before in this burgeoning industry. Innovation drives us to expand into multiple fields, so as to remain the thought leaders in the space”

“Blockchain can effectively address the areas of vulnerability in the pharma supply chain as it advocates for the best practices for preventing and keeping a track of authorized and uncompromised drugs before they reach consumers”

The Ethereum blockchain will be the base of most of the big innovations within the blockchain industry thanks to smart contracts

Ideas about Blockchain are changing the world

“Just as the internet has impacted the world to be more open and connected, we believe blockchain technology will bring greater trust and transparency to the world”

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