Building next-generation blockchain applications




We are starting to see large enterprises, public companies, startups, small businesses and governments beginning to invest in blockchain solutions. There has been an upsurge in scaling solutions for Blockchain protocols, such as Raiden for Ethereum, Lightning for Bitcoin and Trinity for NEO that have the potential to quickly increase the number to transactions per second to a number far more than Visa, the historical leader in this category. Huge demand from universities to offer classes and degrees in Blockchain technology and students in high school going to hackathons and building next-generation applications signal towards growing popularity of this versatile technology.

MLG (Major league growth) Blockchain is a global blockchain development and consulting firm that accelerates understanding of the blockchain and its potential opportunities for businesses. They are focused on building the next generation of applications using blockchain and smart contracts technology to help businesses create their own blockchain strategy. They specialize in providing ‘Turnkey Execution with Global Distribution’ in multiple blockchain fabrics.

Headquartered in Toronto, MLG has a team distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia. MLG also collaborates with universities and is regularly invited to several international blockchain events. They have become an industry leader by inspiring the next decade of blockchain users and young professionals about the impact of this innovative technology.

The Technology Pioneer

Michael Gord, Founder, and CEO of MLG Blockchain is pushing the industry into the next decade with his philosophy of excellence and innovation. As an established thought leader in Canada’s blockchain and cryptocurrency space, he has now made MLG Blockchain the preeminent consulting service in the country. A Certified Bitcoin Professional, he had involvements in Bitcoin Canada and the Blockchain education network. He was also one of the first enterprise blockchain developers at one of Canada’s largest banks. His success comes from an unshakeable belief in the industry and a steadfast commitment to the values needed to drive it forward: excellence, innovation, leadership, trust, and teamwork.

“Every time a client asks for something new, we get excited to find a solution and build new case studies that have never been done before in this burgeoning industry. Innovation drives us to expand into multiple fields, so as to remain the thought leaders in the space”

The Potential is Exponential

Since 2016, MLG Blockchain has consulted on over $160 million in token sales, bringing blockchain enterprises from their nascency into the global space. From token development and marketing to building blockchain applications, the MLG network can rapidly mobilize their clientele’s blockchain innovation from beginning to end. As a blockchain agnostic consulting firm, MLG supports an organization’s development with experience in multiple blockchain fabrics including the Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Factom, and Eris. In addition, they have also invested their skills in many blockchain development APIs, software frameworks, databases and DevOps tools for testing and agile development. Standing true to the innovative spirit they have launched a new company called Crypto Media Global that offers complementary services to their global blockchain consulting firm.

A True Global System

The global MLG Blockchain team comprises skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering products/services. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, the team consistently adds value to their clients’ campaigns all over the world. MLG Blockchain has built a culture of intrapreneurship with a “get-it-done” mentality. The entire team at MLG Blockchain knows that they can run projects and that they do not need oversight. From Holland to Canada, to the United States to India to Vietnam, the firm is globally distributed and their team members represent many different cultures and nationalities. This allows MLG to be in many places at one time and represent their clients around the world.

Partnerships are a primary driver of consistent growth for the organization, so the company is always open to building new connections that can add value to their clients, thereby helping grow the global blockchain ecosystem.

In days to come

MLG Blockchain is building the foundation of the 21st-century economy and is at the forefront of a technology paradigm shift. MLG Blockchain Consulting aims to become the Alphabet of the blockchain industry and to provide an off-ramp to launch some of the most exciting businesses in the era of Blockchain revolution. As long as MLG Blockchain continues to grow with the same focus and speed, this young blockchain firm is well on its way to making their future a reality!

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