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Blockchain Centre is the world’s first not-for-profit blockchain technology community and knowledge hub. Motivated by the innovation and entrepreneurship of organizations and individuals in the blockchain ecosystem, Blockchain Centre is on a mission to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology. They are Australia’s largest community of blockchain technology entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, and investors, and assist in the development of blockchain startups through their programs.

The Blockchain Centre provides a central hub for the blockchain ecosystem, helping people make the right connections and spreading knowledge throughout the network. The company is scripting several success stories in pursuit of their vision; to be the global hub for blockchain education, community events, coworking and startup incubation.

Established in Melbourne in 2014, they have centres in Vilnius (Lithuania), Shanghai (China), Suzhou (China), Blockchain Centre Perth and Medellin (Colombia) with more centres coming in 2019. Blockchain Centre anchors its vision to its reliable, strategic, and global technology partners such as Blockchain Global, Huobi Australia, DigitalX and-IBM; valued industry partners such as Austrade, ADCA, Fintech Australia and Blockchain Association of Australia and are supported by its members such as Metex, Castle Coin, Agile Legal and others. They are a founding partner of the Blockchain Cities Alliance and collaborate with the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation.

“Just as the internet has impacted the world to be more open and connected, we believe blockchain technology will bring greater trust and transparency to the world”

Two of a Kind

The founders of Blockchain Centre are the niche celebrities and have applied all their expertise to lay a strong foundation of the company.

Sam Lee

Sam is a thought leader on blockchain technology, appearing as a global speaker and subject matter expert in many areas like Blockchain Summits, Distributed Ledger Technology, conference and forums on economic governance. He has been interviewed as a spokesperson for blockchain technology on CNBC, BBC, Sky News and Russia Today.

Sam is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Limited, which has operations in Melbourne, New York, Shanghai, and Dalian. Sam has applied his expertise to several endeavours including the Blockchain Centre that is instrumental in accelerating and investing in successful startups leveraging blockchain technology.

Martin Davidson

Martin is a passionate entrepreneur, educator and community leader in the area of blockchain technology and was previously the Global Director and CEO of the Blockchain Centre.

Since joining the centre in November 2014, Martin has been focused on developing Australia’s only Blockchain knowledge hub, the Blockchain Centre. As a facilitator of Blockchain 101, Martin applies his deep understanding and experience of business and the real-world applications of Blockchain Technology. His role is to ensure the Blockchain Centre meets its long-term strategic goal of maintaining leadership and developing the leading global blockchain ecosystem. The infrastructure of the Blockchain Centre that Martin has created is a robust, scalable system to incubate, educate and accelerate the future using blockchain technology.

He has been interviewed twice on Triple J's drivetime radio show, Sky News Business, ABCs radio show 'Known and Unknown' and in press articles for The Australian, AFR, Sydney Morning Herald, Finance Magnates, Daily Express UK,,, The Constant Investor, Southbank Local News and a host of global Bitcoin and Blockchain industry-specific publications and YouTube channels.

Martin departed the Blockchain Centre in July 2018 and handed the reigns to the new General Manager, Karen Cohen.

Solutions for all

As the leading blockchain community and knowledge hub in Australia, Blockchain Centre aims to help individuals, schools, universities, small business, corporations, not for profits, charities, city councils and all areas of local, federal and overseas governments to better understand blockchain technology, connect these organisations and create opportunities for the Blockchain Centre startup community.

The organization provides support across a myriad of industries, including but not limited to accounting, law, hospitality, education, finance, supply chain, non-profit and government.

Best-suited expertise

Blockchain Centre delivers Australia’s first blockchain developers course and Melbourne’s only blockchain incubator program. The Block Engine is a structured incubator program focused on supporting early-stage start-ups in the emerging area of blockchain technology. The program runs under three pillars: select the most promising startups applying blockchain technology, nurture through a structured 10-week course of workshops, mentor sessions and community events, and support through facilitating connections with investors and continue supporting them through the alumni program. The Block Engine Education program is focussed into two areas:

Blockchain Technology – provides overall insight into blockchain technology and connections with the industry. It is tailored for professionals who are highly experienced individuals and possess business knowledge but would like to learn how to apply blockchain technology, as a business solution.

Business Education – this section provides business knowledge, industry connections and introduction to investors. It is tailored for blockchain or “tech savvy” individuals who have an idea for a new business concept but may lack the business know-how to establish the company beyond the ideation stage. This allows access to a wide network of connections and investors to fund and mentor their project.

Some of their other programs are Crypto Mondays, Talk & Trade and other high-ranking Blockchain Centre Education courses. They also collaborate in delivering Women in Blockchain Melbourne events.

Looking ahead

Blockchain Centre future includes increasing and strengthening their programs, developing further collaboration opportunities with partners domestically and abroad. As such they are poised to increase their global reach through more centres around the world in order to support their mission.

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