While keeping your porch welcoming and homey is nice, nothing beats a beautifully mowed lawn. It builds a facade around your home that first catches one’s attention. Besides this, looking at a neat, tidy yard after a day of hard work is incredibly satisfying. 

Some may find it a dreading chore, but you’ll get to the fun part with the proper planning and lawn tools. It can be a fun activity for the whole family and give everyone something to do together. With the right healthy lawn practices, you’ll love hanging out more in your yard and use it for leisure or family recreation.

However, there will be a point where you’ll find it a hassle to maintain your yard. In these cases, remember that the best lawn mower and lawn mower tools are your best friends. To explore your options, get acquainted with the types of lawnmowers, their maintenance, and more.

Lawn Mowers 101

Basic lawn mowing does not need advanced skills or professional knowledge. However, it can be both challenging and rewarding when done right.

Putting enough thought and effort into your lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but taking care of its overall health. When done drastically, it could cause permanent damage to your yard. Try to avoid that from happening.

Choosing the right equipment from Redback tools will have your lawn grass neatly cut efficiently. Lawn mower tools with 40V to 120V power are perfect for smaller, medium, to larger lawns.

A lawnmower with a long-lasting motor will save you time and money later. More importantly, using lawn products that improve the environment is best. This includes the following factors:

    • No use of gas or oil
    • No carbon emissions
    • Less water usage
    • Reduced waste and fertilizer
    • Reduced noise

Other than these, here are more things to consider when looking for a lawnmower.

What to Look for Before Purchasing a Lawnmower?

It’s important to consider the following factors before buying a lawnmower, like:

    • Size of the Lawn
    • Lawn Condition/ Terrain
    • Size of the Mower
    • Speed and Power of Mower
    • Type of Mower

It can be frustrating if your mower is too small for your yard or struggles with uneven terrain. It’s also a big factor to know exactly what kind of grass and surface you have on your lawn.

Think about whether your lawn needs a wide-cutting swath so it doesn’t take forever. If your lawn has hills and slopes, it may require a higher-performance model. Ensuring your mower has enough power to tackle these areas will help you get the job done quicker and easier.

Additionally, knowing the size of your storage space can help you consider which new mower to buy. Now that you have considered these main factors, you can start deciding on the type of lawn mower to purchase.

Common Types of Lawnmowers

There are different types of lawnmowers for every yard and mowing need. You may not know it now, but using the best lawn mower makes a great difference.

Besides the efficiency, choosing the right type will save you maintenance costs and provide the best-looking lawn.

 1. Walk-Behind Push Lawn mowers.

Walk or push mowers are most suitable for smaller yards, possibly up to half an acre. Push mowers are generally lightweight and easy to use. It won’t take up too much space in storage, either.

Walk mowers can take you a few more hours than other types, but it’s also the most versatile among them. They also do not lack excellent quality features. Examples of walk mowers include cylinder mowers, rotary mowers, and different types of lawn edging tools.

In addition, these types of mowers tend to be reasonably priced. If you’re on a budget, you can easily find something affordable and worth your money.

 2. Ride-On Lawnmowers

You could use a good ride-on mower for larger, more spacious yards. This includes rear-engine models, lawn and garden mowers, and zero-turn ride-on mowers.

As you can derive from its name, ride-on mowers take less effort than walk mowers and are also quite enjoyable. It’s far superior when it comes to efficiency as well since it’s generally easier to use.

However, its value is more on the pricey side than walk mowers. Although there are cheaper ride-on mowers, they could have lesser fabricated decks than more expensive ones. The quality of blades also matters in larger, firmer grounds, so you will need something that doesn’t wear out quickly.

 3. Lawnmower Power Types

Power-type lawnmowers are more preference-based and vary according to the lawn’s size. It requires more of your strength since you still need to maneuver it.

With that information, you can choose from the following power-type mowers:

    • Battery-Powered Mower
    • Electric Powered Mower
    • Gas-Powered Mower
    • Manual Powered Mower

These types have their unique qualities as well as drawbacks, but it all narrows down to what you prefer for your yard needs.

 4. Lawn mower Drive Types

Drive types of mowers vary in performance and terrain. This type includes the following:

    • Rear Wheel Drive – this type can be harder to handle but goes well with wide and open spaces.
    • Front-Wheel Drive – this type is suitable for level lawns, propelled by its front wheels. It’s also easier to maneuver than rear-wheel drive.
    • All-Wheel Drive – this type of mower is propelled by all four wheels equally and has better speed and power.

If you’re unsure of what type of lawnmower your yard needs, you can do your own research or refer to lawn mower apps. Once you’ve figured out which type suits your lawn best, know how to maintain it for more effective and longer use.

Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

Regardless of type, your lawnmower needs maintenance to keep its excellent working condition. Here are a few maintenance tips and checklists:

    • Check and replace the oil regularly.
    • Clean the blades and deck and remove grass or debris.
    • Balance the blades and sharpen them once in a while.
    • Apply lubricants in engines if necessary.
    • Remove or replace spark plugs.
    • Change and clean air filters.

These are just some helpful tips to ensure your lawnmower does not deteriorate quickly. It’s still important to read the product manual and follow proper maintenance tips according to its manufacturer.

Cut to the Chase

When it comes to your yard, use the best quality and appropriate lawn tools for efficiency and convenience. This chore can become a fun hobby when done right.

While it can be a difficult and time-consuming task, the right tools on hand can save you both time and energy. Investing in good quality lawn mower tools is important to keep your yard looking its best.

With appropriate equipment at your disposal, you can not only work faster but more efficiently while also reducing stress from low-quality, unsuitable tools.

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