Friday, December 8, 2023

10 Most Trusted


Solution Providers, 2019

Peter Thermos, CTO, Founder, Palindrome

Peter Thermos

President and CTO, Palindrome Technologies

If a malicious actor compromises the integrity of the systems we rely upon (e.g., telecommunications, transportation, electronic voting, medical, industrial, financial) then we start to doubt the reliability and effectiveness of our technological evolution.

Why Cybersecurity?

In a connected world, we each have a responsibility to protect ourselves and the people we interact with, and it all starts with understanding cyber security.

The Inside Track



Kumar Ritesh, Chairman & CEO

Aidan Kehoe, Co-Founder & CEO

Naveen Rohatgi, Co-founder & EL

Tim Keeler, Founder & CEO

Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha, Co-Founder & CEO

Akhil Rapelli, CTO

For any company in practice long enough, data breach risks eventually happen – a trusted employee quits unexpectedly before returning his computer, a laptop gets stolen, a mobile phone with customer data is lost during travel.

Must read


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex say they plan to sue a UK paper for publishing a private letter.

Cyber-criminals are targeting city authorities because they often pay out – but there are other ways to protect public data and services.

Dozens of countries and hundreds of firms and nonprofits are fed up with digital violence and are working toward greater cybersecurity for all.

Scientists who discovered planets in far off stellar systems and the fundamentals of the Big Bang Theory have earned the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Choices the US, Australia and other nations make around how they set up 5G will determine how we use technology for collaboration, innovation and global business into the future.

Nuclear threats are serious – but officials, the media and the public keep a close eye on them. There’s less attention to the dangers of cyberattacks, which could cripple key utilities.

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