Secugenius: Expanding the security perimeter



In today’s technologically driven advanced world, the internet is like the breathing soul of every company or business, be it a small vendor or a corporate giant. In this global village, everyone has access to the internet and everyone needs to use the internet for their day to day activities and because of this need, people are prone to cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity reports by Cisco show that thirty-one percent of organizations have at some point encountered cyber-attacks on their operations technology and this is worrisome. Some of the threats faced by companies today range from a data breach, insecure application user interface (API), cloud attack, loss of data, malware attack, hacking, shadow IT system and much more. Not only cyber-attacks corrupt files, damage systems but one can also lose their finances and even their confidential information can leak. This puts anyone using the internet at great risk.

Founded in 2010, the core operation of Secugenius is therefore built around the mantra ‘SEC_RITY is Incomplete without “U”’. As an IT risk assessment and digital security services provider; Secugenius is a one-stop platform that helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risks. The company also aims to create awareness about safety and security in the use of information and communication technology. It is headquartered in the capital of India; New Delhi, catering to clients globally.

“We want our clients to have a proactive and efficient approach that offers simple but far-reaching result-oriented security solutions.”

Maximizing business operations 

At Secugenius they know how to keep the wrong people from getting into the sensitive places in computing infrastructure. It is the first, solely dedicated, vendor-neutral, cybersecurity company in India and has developed a unique operating style. Their sole focus is risk and security. By concentrating in this one area Secugenius has built a reputation for high quality and excellence. 

With a team of highly skilled security experts, ethical hackers and researchers, Secugenius protects the brands and businesses from different cyber attacks. The company enables businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs. It not only ensures the prevention of potential risks but also IT growth. “I always value our company’s creative thinking culture within the organization. Creative thinking sets people apart from the general crowd. It gives your thoughts a voice. Creative thinking is what makes people visionaries and can take one to great heights,” says Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha, Co-Founder and CEO of Secugenius.

From offering a unique cybersecurity advisory program, a range of consultations and custom-developed measures to a wide variety of analysis, Secugenius does it all. Thus providing their patrons with a single integrated simple, well-focused and a safe and secure IT platform. The services offered by the company can be categorized into three segments: Consulting- This includes penetration testing, network penetration testing, web app penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, social engineering, malware analysis, and source code review; Engagement- This includes system hardening, security consultancy workshop, SIEM implementation, and SOC; Remediation- This includes incident response, financial fraud risk management, and digital forensics.

Secugenius is a platform catered by visionaries to protect and conserve people from all kinds of internet harms with a proactive and efficient approach. This allows them to think ahead of people and time. Even before the need arises, they think of the requirements that people may have in the future and create different modules that’ll be helpful and useful for everyone. Since the company is one step ahead of the market, they adopt and adapt to the latest market trends easily. They evaluate the latest trends to the core and try to find the market demands, risk exposures, and problems faced in any given sector. 

“Along with sticking to roots and using traditional methods and approaches, we efficiently build new age modules to cater to the diverse and dynamic requirements of the people by using the latest technology and genius minds,” says Dr. Kshitij. “We want our clients to have a proactive and efficient approach that offers simple but far-reaching result-oriented security solutions.”

Agile innovator 

Leading the company to new heights, Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha serves as the CEO of Secugenius. Dr. Kshitij is an entrepreneur, investor, international speaker, author and cybersecurity expert having 10+ years of work experience of handling projects in different domains of cybersecurity. The secret to his success lies within his leadership style that is based on two simple things. “Firstly to lose the fear of failure and self-doubt. We often shy away from great opportunities and even greater ideas just for the fear of failing and being wrong. We tend to doubt our abilities and think that our ideas aren’t good enough; maybe we should have joined the rat race like everybody else and then the fear of failing rushes in. Cut loose all these ‘maybe’s’,” shares Dr. Kshitij. “Secondly, there’s a thin line between being a leader and a boss. A leadership position has a lot of responsibilities. So rather than delegating all the work and standing afar, I always take part. I shoulder responsibilities as well and take my team along with me towards the road of success. I use my position for the advantage of the greater good…..I make the change happen.”

Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha, Co-Founder & CEO, Secugenius

Winding down for Dr. Kshitij is reading books and listening to good soulful music, every morning and before going to bed. “It works like a therapy for me. Whenever work stress pulls me down, I uplift myself with a good book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand. I just sit back and relax, perfect unwinding partners,” shares Dr. Kshitij.

A bright future

Dr. Kshitij’s plan for Secugenius is future centric. The main goal is to develop a one-stop solution for all enterprises in need of cyber management. Secugenius strive to cater to all the cyber needs of people and build modules and services that would help in achieving it. Last but not the least, the company aims at generating awareness about cyber management; how having a proper cyber management platform can affect the growth of different enterprises vertically and how in the absence of it the enterprises might suffer.

“I have a single aspiration; to build a secure cyber future for everyone,” says Dr. Kshitij.

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