CYFIRMA’S cyber threat visibility and predictive intelligence is the new way to address risks and threats



Organizations always struggle to understand the external threat landscape as their cyber posture management is focussed towards internal protection, security controls and building walls which is ineffective given hackers always keep changing their approach, method, and techniques. 

In the last two decades, the cybersecurity landscape has evolved, but security processes and controls have failed to integrate Outside-in view to cyber threats and risks. Organizations should be looking at adopting outside-in approach with inside out to understand the strength of enemies, who are they, what they want, why they are interested, how they can attack and when they can attack – their readiness.

With a wealth of experience of over two decades across various facets of cybersecurity, CYFIRMA Chairman & CEO, Kumar Ritesh, had identified important gaps in the global cyber threat intelligence market:

  • Cyber intelligence companies are operational intelligence focussed. Strategic and management intelligence are overlooked, which are equally important for managing evolving cyber threats and risks. 

  • Most organizations are still ‘reactive’ to cybersecurity events occurring in and around their surroundings. Prudent cyber threat intelligence and insights should provide proactive cyber posture management by identifying threats at the planning stage of cyberattacks.

  • Unable to provide a single solution which combines intelligence into all elements of cyber posture management. Organizations need to understand corelated view of the current threat landscape.

To bring in the Outside-in view and address the industry challenges of making cyber posture management intelligence-driven, Kumar Ritesh founded CYFIRMA in December 2017 headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo with a global presence. The start-up aims to help organizations unravel, unwind, and discover cyber risks and threats by using unique predictive intelligence-driven approach.

Kumar Ritesh, Chairman & CEO, CYFIRMA

The start-up aims to help organizations unravel, unwind, and discover cyber risks and threats by using unique predictive intelligence-driven approach.

Multi-dimensional, Comprehensive, Real-time Protection

CYFIRMA is a cyber analytics company with an aspiration to achieve truly predictive threat visibility and intelligence capability, and seamlessly integrate intelligence into all functions of the organization’s cyber posture. Its cloud-based AI and ML-powered Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0 helps organizations proactively identify potential threats at the planning stage of cyberattacks, offers deep insights into their cyber landscape, and amplifies preparedness by keeping the organization’s cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient, and ready against upcoming attacks. 

CAP v2.0 is a complete real-time multi-layered intelligence product with an illustrative dashboard which covers the broadest Cyber Intelligence use cases in the market. It provides:

  • Real-time threat insights, visibility, and situational awareness 

  • Early identification of potential threats

  • Proactive and predictive cyber threat intelligence – Identify threat indicators to model plausible outcomes 

  • Threat hunting and correlation

  • Digital risk management – brand impersonation, product infringement, IT/OT vulnerabilities

  • Contextual risk assessment and scoring – to help organizations prioritize risks in relation to the threat landscape

  • Real-time multi-layered intelligence and dashboard – Strategic (WHO and WHY), Management (WHAT and WHEN) and Operational (HOW) intelligence

  • Intelligence-driven Incident Response, Vulnerability Analytics, Cyber Education, Brand/Individual monitoring – automatic correlation with threat landscape to represent affiliations with any threat actors, details of campaign and threat attribution

Kumar Ritesh emphasizes, “CAP v2.0 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It uses micro services and cluster architecture to provide scalability and high availability. At the core of the platform, we apply the following principles:

  • Data collection from multiple discrete sources

  • Automated filtering and analysis of the collected data

  • Apply analytics using 5 AI/ML engines

  • Disseminate insights specific to organization, industry, and geography

CAP v2.0 assists organizations to understand corelated view of current threat landscape – threat actors to IOCs journey, insights into new emerging threats and digital risks, situational awareness of global and local cyber events; to automatically apply intelligence into cyber posture management.”

CYFIRMA CAP v2.0 provides seven unique modules to give organization comprehensive coverage to cyber risk management in compliance with NIST framework:

  • Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence: Comprehensive multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical intelligence, insights, and latest cyber threats applicable to an organization, industry, and geography.

  • Cyber Situational Awareness: Real-time cyber insights, trends, the latest cyber news, technology, and regulatory changes, emerging cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

  • Cyber Incident Analytics: Analysis of malicious files and automatic correlation with threat landscape to present affiliations to any threat actors, campaigns, and indicators.

  • Cyber Education: Intelligence-driven cyber education and social engineering simulations to provide the latest attack vectors, mechanism, and methods used by hackers.

  • Cyber Risk Scoring: Industry/Client specific Cyber Risk Scoring Assessment; Real-time industry-specific cyber risk scoring encompassing financial, reputational and operational risks with all 45 cyber security domains.

  • Brand/Individual Cyber Risk Monitoring: Ability to carry out digital cyber risk monitoring and highlight potential infringements to brand or suspicious activity concerning key executives.

  • Cyber Vulnerability Analytics: Correlate external vulnerability assessment results with cyber threat visibility and intelligence module to provide customers vulnerability insights with detailed mapping to available exploits, other IOCs, associated threat actor, motive and mechanism – enabling vulnerability remediation prioritization.

Predictive intelligence allows CAP v2.0 to pick-up the most ambiguous threat indicators and associates them to known and unknown threats and risks. “Our unique approach to present risks and threat indicators at the planning stage, versus the execution and exploitation phase of a cyber-attack, provide us an edge in proactively identifying indicators that can become threats,” says Kumar Ritesh. 

CYFIRMA CAP v2.0 empowers organizations with:

  • Detailed understanding of the evolving threat landscape

  • Prioritization of resources and initiatives

  • Informed decision making

  • Visibility into Digital risk

  • Ability to search, correlate and disseminate insights 

  • Complete understanding of global, industry and organization specific cyber events

  • Comprehensive inputs into the cyber roadmap

  • Agility to cyber strategy, policy, processes, and procedures

  • Awareness of changing the risk profile

CYFIRMA is truly on its way to be recognized as a market leader in predictive cyber threat visibility and intelligence, providing a holistic threat story as relevant to its clients.

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