SwiftSafe: Overturning the hackers game



Securing IT infrastructure to defend against complex threats and malicious attacks is critical today more than ever. It is due to the greater dependence of businesses on integrating the newest and most upgraded technology in their network in the face of staying competitive. Consequently, the greater the potential and opportunity become for vicious cyber-attacks. At the same time as there is an overwhelming rise in the existing and continuously growing malware. With evolving technology comes evolving hackers which continue to change in behavior and characteristics. As every organization is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, all organizations large and small across all industry sectors can benefit from using SwiftSafe.

Glenroy based SwiftSafe is a cybersecurity company specializing in securing the IT infrastructure and assets with security consulting, auditing and testing services. The company has three additional offices across India and the USA.

Founded in 2016 by a group of security experts with the sole purpose of safeguarding the upcoming future from digital frauds, SwiftSafe provides organizations expert guidance and value-added services so that they can better run their IT security initiatives. By detecting vulnerabilities and data breach, the company’s dedicated cybersecurity team evaluates the existing IT infrastructure of an organization and develops defensive strategies using best practices that are customized according to their data security needs.

“Hackers will continue to be more sophisticated, using new methods and tools to gain access to private information.”

Advanced security tools

The company offers a wide array of services including vulnerability assessment, incident response, data and application security, compliance (like HIPPA, ISO270001, and PCI-DSS for IT auditing), SIEM, and SOC services. Along with this, SwiftSafe offers a real-time cloud security scanner which is designed using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect advanced threats. The scanner explores all possibilities to breach in a given network, web application or infrastructure by scanning the target daily. It analyzes the infrastructure for any loopholes and reports it before it gets threatened by an outsider. The cloud security scanner is specifically designed to provide the security to all types of servers that users are running, as well as the type of scanning that they wish to perform on their server. Scanner conducts the testing seamlessly helping to eliminate vulnerabilities more easily and cost-effectively. It also identifies security vulnerabilities in the app engine web applications. It crawls the application, following all links within the scope of the starting URLs, and attempts to exercise as many user inputs and event handlers as possible. The scanner also detects open web application security project (OWASP) top 10 vulnerabilities.

In addition, the company also conducts WEB application penetration testing, mobile applications testing, network penetration testing, internet of things application testing, and VOIP voice over internet protocol application testing.

Except SwiftSafe is not just another penetration testing company. They have their own vulnerability management system. “Our information security team who are real-time hackers and certified infosec professionals identify and analyze the gaps and loopholes in the network, servers and end-user systems,” shares Akhil Rapelli, CTO at SwiftSafe. They conduct security audits with hackers’ perspective to detect threats and secure them with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Further, by understanding the business process running on the system they employ business logic test cases, in accordance with OWASP standards. Their expert advisors simulate real-time attacks and identify critical vulnerabilities within an organization’s application and provide a high-level management summary supplemented with a detailed technical report to secure their applications. The unique approach allows SwiftSafe to find weaknesses that traditional control-based testing methodologies often miss, prepare organization’s staff to better handle a crisis, identify the multiple points of failure that can result in a breach or disclosure, document and remediate vulnerabilities, more intelligently identify lateral and vertical exploitation vulnerabilities that may lead to privilege escalation and sensitive data loss; and develop better recommendations to address risks.

SwiftSafe’s security approach is particularly important considering how complex the cybersecurity landscape is becoming. According to Rapelli in the future, “Hackers will continue to be more sophisticated, using new methods and tools to gain access to private information. At the same time, technology will continue to evolve, providing hackers with an even larger attack surface and more vulnerabilities to exploit. Even unsophisticated hackers will automate their strategies in their efforts to infiltrate vulnerable companies.”

Akhil Rapelli, CTO, SwiftSafe

Establishing excellence

SwiftSafe’s top-notch security services have earned it numerous recognitions and accolades including:

  • Enterprise Security’s Top security service providers in2018.

  • CIO Review’s Top 20 Most promising cybersecurity solution providers of 2018. 

The road ahead

SwiftSafe is constantly striving to push the boundaries and expand their horizons. SwiftSafe’s R&D team has been researching new cyber threats, malware, and developing some of the game-changing security tools which room detects the most advanced threats. It is now working on developing forensic related tools.

In the future, you can expect SwiftSafe to launch their tools and work with more large scale businesses with their advanced penetration testing methods.

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