People obsess about how they look nowadays and in some ways it is a great positive and in others, not so much. It is true to say that people do judge us on first impressions and so when it comes to an office or business environment, it is always better to put your best foot forward. In our active social lives, we are always looking to make new friends and to make new contacts and so looking your best is a very positive way to give people the right first impression about you. The thing to remember however is that we generally only tend to take care of the parts of our bodies that are visible to the general public and so other parts of our bodies suffer as a direct result.

I am of course talking about our feet and for a great majority of the time when we are working, our feet and toes are covered up and so we never really see the need to give them the care and attention that they need. The unfortunate thing about this attitude is that when the warm weather comes around and we want to wear our favourite sandals, we are genuinely surprised at how our feet look. Any time that you go to the beach or any time that you travel overseas on vacation, it’s likely that your feet will be on display and so you need to do everything that you can to make them look fantastic. Much like you would put make-up on your face, your feet and your toes need a little bit of TLC as well. You could start by using Sambora Beach Toes to provide some much needed colour to your toenails.

This is only one of the excellent things that you can do to make your feet more attractive and the following are some of the things that you might want to try.

  • Exfoliation is the key – You exfoliate your face and the upper part of your body with some reason you seemed and neglect the lower part and specifically your feet. Lots of dry skin cells accumulate on your feet every single day and if you want your toes to look and feel smoother then exfoliation is what is required. There are many products out there that help you to do the job right and when all of the hard work has been done, you can apply some nail varnish to glam your toes up a little to make them a lot more attractive and this keeps the mozzies away.
  • Don’t soak your feet – Contrary to popular belief, this is not something that is good for your feet at all because it can remove all of the moisture in them and so you end up with very dry soles and very dry toes. It would be an excellent idea to get yourself a moisturiser that is specifically used for your feet and toes and give the gaps in between them particular attention. Once again you can find many products that are designed purely for this part of your body.

If you do the above two things then you can expect your feet and specifically your toes to be looking a lot better than they usually do. This then provides you with the perfect opportunity to apply the various different kinds of nail varnish to make your feet and toes a focal point.

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