As a working parent, taking care of your child while away at work can be difficult. You might hire a nanny or babysitter, but they will not provide the same benefits as a daycare provider.

And that is why daycares are becoming popular amongst parents. According to statistics, about 58% of parents prefer these centers to other options. The Census Bureau Data shows that about 4.8 million children attend daycares in the USA.

Day nurseries like Anna and Jack’s Treehouse have plenty of benefits, from helping your kid develop social skills to preparing them for formal schooling. But before you put your child in a care facility, you should consider a few things.

The reason is the difference in the routine, activities, and environment, which vary from one center to another.

At Which Age Do They Admit Children?

Daycare facilities do not have a set age limit for admitting children. However, most usually accept babies of 6 weeks and kids of 5 years. But that is something you must ask the facility beforehand to avoid any confusion.

What Is Their Learning Curriculum?

Daycares are as much about having fun, interacting, playing, and enjoying as learning. You should ask the staff about their academic curriculum and what subjects they include.

For instance, a good facility would include math, social studies, science, language classes, basic literacy, reading, and writing. They might even have activities appropriate for each age group.

Do They Have Sufficient Activities?

Besides learning, your kids should have a good time, enjoying themselves at the center. The facility must provide diverse activities, including yoga, gym on wheels, music, Spanish learning, and art lessons.

Some day nurseries also visit Maritime aquarium and other educational providers, besides other out-of-class learning activities.

What Kind of Amenities Do They Offer?

It is vital to check the center’s facilities and select those with a wide range of these. It should have an outdoor playspace with state-of-the-art facilities, swings, and rides where kids can enjoy themselves.

They must have a flexible schedule, allowing you to take your child when they’re sick or if you’re going on a vacation. It is advisable to ask them about their day-off policy and how long you can take your child on holiday.

It would help if they had community events as they will encourage your kid to interact with others, thus contributing to their personal development. Such events play a role in fostering diversity and acceptance amongst the kids as well.

Do They Provide Freshly Cooked Meals?

You must ensure that the facility provides nutritious and healthy meals in sufficient quantities to the children. The center should prepare them fresh and hygienically, according to your child’s various dietary requirements.

If your kid has to follow a special diet, it’s better to inform the facility beforehand. A good daycare usually provides breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks.

Do They Provide Regular Updates?

The daycare must provide you with constant updates about your child while offering you enough scope for getting involved. For example, a customized parent portal lets you manage the learning plans while knowing the bills and payments.

The center should provide updates on your child’s activities by sharing electronic updates and photos safely and securely.

You must select a day nursery like Anna and Jack’s Treehouse after considering the aforementioned factors. The facilities should have a welcoming atmosphere conducive to your child’s mental and physical development.

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