The fight between the two warring factions, which became the core of everyone’s favorite video game, divided the fans of the game because there were always those who liked this feud and those who, because of this, could not join the game with their friends. However, what many have dreamed of for many years, which caused discontent among many fans, will soon cease to be a stumbling block. The creator company confirmed the fact that everything will change and players from two different factions will finally be able to start interacting with each other. It seems that now everything will sparkle with new colors and it will be possible to finally do what many have been waiting for from the very beginning of the game.

From the start, the two factions have been sworn enemies who fought against each other in bloody battles. Fierce and legendary battles have been an integral part of the game, and over the years each of the players, belonging to one of the two factions, fought heroically. However, there were moments when the two factions had to unite to overcome an even greater evil that threatens everything that exists in the game world.

However, these were only short-term intervals, after which everything returned to normal again. After co-op battles, the players returned to the fact that they could not cooperate, help each other, trade, or even communicate. Thus, most of the players were in isolation from the other part of the gamers. It always caused a lot of negative vibes.

How will this change affect the game?

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Particular attention is paid to the fact that participants will be able to have representatives of another faction in the team, only if there are no objections from other players. That is, it will be done with the full consent of all participants. If you, as the head of the team, do not want to play with representatives of another faction, then this will not happen. This can be done only in ready-made groups, where participants from both sides take part.

Thus, if you still want to play with representatives of the other side, then by creating a team in advance, you will soon be able to participate in arena battles together, get up on the battlefield, start raids of any difficulty level, go down into dungeons and much more. Since sometimes raids and dungeons are not always possible for all players to complete, especially at an increased difficulty level, it is available for each player to use WoW Mythic Raid Boost, using which you can not only quickly complete what you need, but also get various achievements with a nice bonus, awards, weapons and much more.

Leaders will be able to register any player, no matter which side he belongs to. At the same time, it should be understood that the number of applicants will increase incredibly and a huge selection of participants will appear. Thus, leaders will be able to select the best of the best for their teams to successfully cope with any upcoming challenges. The change will affect not only the content that is currently available but also other content that is already out of date.

The biggest advantage is that you can have a huge number of applicants in reserve. If one of the players deigns to leave your team, then you will not have to disband the entire group, since you can easily find a worthy replacement.

However, it should not be overlooked that the struggle between the two sides will disappear completely. The standard quests available to the two factions that are directly related to the battles with representatives of the other faction will remain unchanged. So, you need to improve your playable character anyway, but you will have to do this in other zones where there are no quests. This applies to both factions.

In the new release, which should be available soon, this change will not affect the automatic collection of a group for various actions. The automatic collection of participants will be the same as before, that is, all participants will belong to the same faction. Although we can expect that this will change over time to reduce the time for gathering players for a group, which is good news.

The need for a change

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The game is over 17 years old. For such a long time, many gamers have stopped playing World of Warcraft completely. It is associated with many events. A huge number of additions appeared in the game and it was difficult for developers to please everyone. That is why the number of players has noticeably reduced. However, the company is doing its best to ensure that old players who stopped playing for various reasons come back and that the number of new players increases.

Thus, those players who were outraged by the fact that they cannot play with their friends playing for another faction will now want to return to the game again, and new players will have more options from the start. It took a long time to make this change, but it is a positive change that will pay off.

The developers were worried that this would fundamentally change the game, which was based on the principle of enmity between the two clans. The main goal was to give the players a sense of belonging to one of the parties and to act for the good of the faction. However, times are changing, players need more options, and this change will now allow you not only to enjoy playing together with your friends but also to choose the race that you want.

The confrontation will never disappear, as there are quests aimed at eradicating opponents. However, this change indicates that there is the slightest chance of a truce.

It is too late?

Players who have been addicted to this video game for years can say that the quality of the content has suffered markedly over the years of the game’s existence and that such a major change is unlikely to correct the plight.

However, every change breeds other changes. There is a chance that due to the possibility of cooperation between factions, the developers will start working hard to bring a lot of new things, activities, and content to the game. Therefore, in the future, we may see something completely new, which will cause a huge desire to start or continue to play.

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