Friday, December 1, 2023

The 10 Transformational Supply Chain Solution Providers, 2019

'It is not Organizations that are competing. It is the Supply Chains that are competing.'

On the Cover

Phil Ramsey

“Imagine a world where real-time order confirmations, inventories, schedules, material origins, material properties, properties in transit, proof-of-delivery, quality assurance, invoices, and payments all come together to form an end-to-end digital story.”

Cory Margand

The firm is positioned ideally to be the plug and play where BCOs can connect with their partners within days rather than months.

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Gisli Herjolfsson

“Through our efforts with AUCMA and Intellectual Ventures, the innovative arm of Global Good, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded organization, our cold chain monitoring technology is helping to safely deliver vaccines and medicines throughout Africa.”

Ken Moir

NiceLabel’s label management solutions are applicable in the general manufacturing and extended supply chain sectors, across all industries, regardless of company size.

Ken Moir, VP, NiceLabel

Todd Ericksrud

“It’s exciting to play a part in moving a traditional industry forward with our technology. We’re tackling a problem that has plagued the industry for decades and making a real difference.”

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