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In the labelling space, an important aspect of supply chain management, there’s been a definite move away from label designers to label management software, in an effort to obtain better document control and approval workflows. We observe that companies face the need for increased speed, especially around designing labels, digitalizing the quality assurance process to remove risk and eliminate unplanned downtime. This has resulted in companies demanding a global labeling solution that standardizes on one solution and centralizes the entire labeling process.

This growing demand has created an excellent opportunity for NiceLabel to lead the market. Established in 1993, NiceLabel is a global developer of label design software and label management systems that allow businesses to address and solve design and printing needs. Through its headquarters in the EU (Slovenia) and regional offices in Germany, USA, Singapore and China, NiceLabel serves and supports its clients around the world with leading edge technology.

NiceLabel’s label management solutions are applicable in the general manufacturing and extended supply chain sectors, across all industries, regardless of company size.

NiceLabel’s corporate slogan is ‘Do more. Faster. With less.TM’. Henceforth, NiceLabel’s mission is anchored ‘to provide robust best-in-class technology and support services that enable companies to create and sustain value by implementing best-practice label and marking design, print, and management productivity solutions.’

NiceLabel’s label management solutions are applicable in the general manufacturing and extended supply chain sectors, across all industries, regardless of company size. The company serves a host of industries, from chemical and pharmaceutical to food and beverage, medical device, aerospace and automotive. As the world’s leading developer of Microsoft Windows drivers for thermal and direct marking printer technologies, NiceLabel software is shipped by the world’s largest printer manufacturers and used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Some of their notable clients include Autoliv, Benetton, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chr. Hansen, Continental, Herman Miller, P&G, Siemens, ThermoFisher, Würth, plus many well-known apparel and garment brands.

NiceLabel is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Silver Partner, and SAP partner. The company has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system and AAA – highest creditworthiness certificate by Bisnode. NiceLabel has been recognized by AIM – worldwide association for the automatic identification industry and received several awards for its fast growth, innovation and strong focus on customer value.

Ken Moir, VP, NiceLabel

Ken Moir, Vice President, NiceLabel

The NiceLabel Label Management System enables companies to use a single software platform for all printing and marking devices and for all packaging and shipping, from primary to tertiary labeling. With NiceLabel, organizations can meet regulatory requirements faster, reduce labor costs, get product to market faster and avoid recalls related to labeling errors. The result is a more agile manufacturing operation that enables companies to meet current and future challenges and compete in an increasingly complex market environment.

Uniquely, the Label Management System includes everything companies need to transform their labeling processes. It scales from five users to thousands and can be extended to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers. NiceLabel’s Label Cloud, a public cloud edition of its Label Management System, is an important innovation in the field of labeling. It is the world’s first public cloud label management system, developed to allow businesses to rapidly digitally transform their factory and warehouse labeling process. A cloud-based label management system enables businesses to streamline label management processes and store, change and approve all labels in a centralized location. This ensures that everyone can access the right, most up-to-date information wherever they may be located across the business or around the world. This also applies to global operations that make labeling information available to suppliers, partners or affiliates. It requires no IT infrastructure, installation or IT support. Cloud-based or SaaS systems ensure businesses can move easily and quickly away from legacy IT solutions that may be more of a hindrance to the process than anything else.

In a nutshell, NiceLabel’s technology is strongly differentiated targeting users focused on creating value and sustaining competitive advantage through improved print productivity. NiceLabel’s label management solutions maximize value for businesses and their partners by giving them a single, scalable platform to manage all their global labeling and marking needs. In addition, the NiceLabel technology addresses the needs of the widest range of end-users and optimizes the performance of the widest range of printing and marking devices. With NiceLabel, companies really can do more, faster, with less and they can sustain this advantage over time.

Nothing exemplifies this better than the example of Siemens. NiceLabel worked with Siemens as the company integrated its SAP systems and other business systems with a centralized labeling approach to deliver streamlined labeling in 22 factories across six countries. This deployment enabled it to reduce IT costs and quality control costs, improve end-to-end operational efficiency, reduce the print time from 8 seconds to 300 milliseconds, increase agility and enable faster time to market, achieving ROI in less than 4 months.

Jay Stowell, Director of IT at Wada Farms Marketing Group; another happy client of NiceLabel, mentions, “We needed to standardize labeling across our facilities. With Label Cloud, we have the benefits of a secure SaaS solution, integrated with our existing cloud infrastructure. As our business continues to grow, Label Cloud gives us an easy way to customize and scale our labeling operations.”  

While Marco Orfei, IT Manager at PremiSpA adds, “We were looking for the best solution to streamline labeling in our growing beauty packaging business; NiceLabel’s Label Cloud makes it really easy to design, print and manage labels across all our manufacturing plants, helping us to be one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in our sector.”

What’s next? NiceLabel has grown rapidly in recent years as it has extended its product range, geographic presence, and channel. The company’s core strategy choice remains differentiation based on domain expertise and superior technology. In the longer term, it sees the opportunity to apply its world-class software development skills to adjacent high growth markets.    

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