April 13, 2020, Chesterfield, Missouri — skinBe Med Spa, an emerging medical spa brand based in St. Louis known for their unique spin in the industry focusing on beauty is more than skin deep and encourages all to ‘Be you.’ is launching their skinBassador program. They will be seeking passionate individuals who align with their core values and have a strong desire to empower others to live their best lives.

“We are launching the skinBassador program in an effort to touch the lives of more people through this unique program of influential leaders, mentors and role models; who inspire others to become the best versions of themselves,” states skinBe Med Spa Founder + CEO, Beth Donaldson. “We have thoughtfully and intentionally hand selected our Founding skinBassador Leader, Elizabeth Tucker. Mrs. Tucker embodies the skinBe vision, mission, and core values with her unique and expressive style, compassion, and genuine fun-loving heart. The skinBassador program transitions into empowering people to proclaim and express their one-of-a-kindness aligning with our ‘Be you.’ slogan. Elizabeth will be a beacon for our skinBassador program while showcasing that being yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, and looking and feeling your best from the inside-out are all necessities for living your best life — and that is precisely why we have chosen Mrs. Tucker to be a part of the skinBe family, a positive force for the brand, and the Founding skinBassador Leader.”

“When Beth Donaldson asked me to be a part of skinBe Med Spa’s skinBassador program, I was elated. I have a burning passion to help others in all areas of life; fitness, health, and skincare particularly. I have experienced skinBe firsthand and not only has it completely changed the health and skincare game for me personally, but it made me realize how much I was missing. To do your best every day, you need to look and feel your best — it all starts with you. I truly believe in everything they do and have a strong desire to help be a positive influence for others — the skinBassador program will allow me to do just that. I am honored to share the skinBe vision and mission to help men and women become their best, from the inside-out. I’m a testament of what they can do to change lives and I’m thrilled to be a part of the skinBe family and recognized as the Founding skinBassador Leader,” said Elizabeth Tucker.

The requirements to apply for the skinBassador program will be announced soon and the application process will begin shortly thereafter. Individuals will be able to apply and submit assignments throughout the multi-step process. “We are excited to grow our skinBe family by awarding applicants who can make a strong impact in our community, align with our vision, mission and core values, and have a passion to inspire and encourage others to live their best lives,” said Beth Donaldson.

Contact skinBe Med Spa to learn more about how you can apply to become a skinBassador at 636.778.7200 or info@skinbemedspa.com.

skinBe Med Spa is an exclusive WOW experience specializing in anti-aging and wellness services through the power of aesthetic injections and a one-of-a-kind dripBar, offering IV Nutritional Therapy. skinBe’s mission is to provide cutting edge customized solutions to help clients look and feel their best from the inside-out. There are many advantages to using these services to help prevent, restore and refresh allowing you to feel vibrant, energized and youthful; and ultimately becoming your best self. The staff at skinBe Med Spa bring years of experience, knowledge, passion and advanced techniques to get you results. For additional information, contact skinBe Med Spa at 636.778.7200 or visit our website skinbemedspa.com.

skinBe launched its national franchise campaign to answer growing consumer demands for their services and experience offerings. For franchise development information, including available areas, visit www.skinbemedspa.com or email franchising@skinbemedspa.com.

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