Are you planning to move into your own apartment? Do you have a tight budget, but would like to decorate your apartment like an expert? Then this blog is what you have been looking for!

Here, you will get some detailed ideas about how to style your apartment using some DIY hacks. All you need are a few art and craft supplies. You are all set to get as creative as you want.

You can go for store-bought stuff, but why waste money that way? Giving your home a DIY makeover not only allows you to showcase your artistic talents but also lets you spend some quality time with your family.

DIY Home Decor Ideas

The following are some of the DIY home decor ideas that you can try out:

DIY Wallpaper

Wallpapers are an essential part of home makeovers. Yet, they are pretty costly when it comes to covering an entire apartment. This is when DIY wallpapers come into effect.

You can use a sponge to transform a whitewashed wall. Get some green paint, a sponge, and some pretty leaves. Dip and make patterns on the walls. You could go for a brick pattern (using the sponge) or paint some ornamental leaves on the walls.

The Book Effect

Do you have a tiny nook hidden away in your house? Want to use it? We have the solution for you!

Use your old journal pages and pages from books of your choice to cover the walls around the nook. Get a plush couch, attach a couple of wall shelves, and you have a book nook for yourself. Use this space as a retreat zone whenever you feel like relaxing.


Have plenty of photographs and drawings to hang around the house? A pinboard is the most logical DIY craft idea for you!

Find an unadorned wall in your house. Attach a soft board or get a store-bought frame. You could also make your own frame if that suits you. Use hot glue to attach small bulldog clips to the frame. Display all the photographs and drawings you want. You could also hang a few Pinterest-style stock photos that define your personality.


No, you do not need to get massive arches installed inside your apartment. However, to add a bit of pomp and glamour, you could paint arches on select walls. Go for bold colors like green, golden, and so on.

Make sure that you do not use colors that do not sit well with the original background color of your wall.

Coffee Corner

Do you have some closet space that nobody uses? You could transform that into a coffee corner. Dip some old magazine pages into coffee and wait for the papers to get brown and then dry off. Cover the closet space with these pages. Add in some built-in shelves and a table, depending on your aesthetic sense.

You could always spring for some chairs and add a smoking zone to your coffee corner. It could be your own parlor room!

Star Rope Mirror

Now, this requires some serious skill. The ‘Star Rope Mirror’ has been making the DIY home decor headlines for quite some time now. You will need some macramé thread and a 14-inch round mirror. Some nails and tape will also be required. This mirror will transform your space and give your house a regal look, at almost no cost. Following a few tutorials available online will provide you with the stepwise instructions for the DIY ‘Star Rope Mirror’.

Jute Vase

Tired of your boring old glass flower vases? Give them a makeover using hot glue and some jute thread. The nautical aesthetic is pleasing to the eyes and gives your house a down-to-earth homely vibe.

Get your glass vase and twine the jute thread around the vessel in as intricate a way as possible.

DIY Placemats

Placemats look so good on dining tables, right? If you are fed up with the store-bought variety, then DIY placemats are what you need. No more florals, geometric shapes, or known patterns.

Choose any fabric you want, along with the pattern on it. Cut out some vinyl and paste it on both sides of the mat. Shear off the extra length.

Cushion Pockets

Do you keep on losing your television remote? Then cushion covers with pockets are what you need. Do not worry because this is all no-sew.

Cut out the pockets from old jeans. Put fusible fleece between the pocket and the cushion cover. Iron the two layers.

Dyed Napkins

Want to add a splash of color to your dining table? Dye (or even tie-dye) your plain white napkins. You could also make stamp napkins by converting a piece of cork or cane into a stamp.

Try out these DIY art experiments with home decor and let us know which worked best for you.

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