Asphalt paving is a long-term solution to spruce up any external space in the parking lot, a driveway, or a curb. Asphalt paving always makes any surface safer and weatherproof.

Having unpaved parking lots, curbs, or driveways make them unsafe for use as the surfaces are often unequal and slippery. Moreover, many other types of pavement can not stand the test of time and asphalt paving. Even if you have asphalt paving, it is essential to get it serviced by a professional contractor every so often to ensure its longevity.

If you have a requirement to pave any surface with asphalt, it is best to hire a reputable paving company. A paving contracting company can pave with high assurance from the ground up and might even offer multiple maintenance services.

Here are some services offered by the reputed paving companies.

    1. Commercial Paving

      Commercial paving contracts are quite different from residential paving as it requires an extensive crew. So, these projects must be given to a contractor with high capabilities and the bandwidth to complete a big paving project.

      Commercial paving contracts include making parking lots, municipal and rural roads, highways, industrial sites, sidewalks, and many more.

    2. Residential Paving

      Your driveway is the first thing of contact to enter your home. Many homes opt for a gravel and dirt driveway to save money. But it is not a weatherproof and permanent solution. On the other hand, asphalt paving a driveway ensures that it can be used for a long time to come.

      Even if you already have a driveway that has started developing cracks, it is essential to call professional contractors to fix the cracks and potholes.

      Over time, these cracks and potholes may even render your driveway unusable. Any contracting company worth its salt will provide you with a warranty of two years on the work.

    3. Curbing and Line Striping

      If you have newly paved surfaces in a commercial parking lot, it becomes essential to mark these surfaces for the visitors to know where to go. The line stripping in a parking lot will divide and assign a parking space for the cars, employees, and accessible parking spots.

      High-quality curbing and striping create a good impression on the visitors. So, if you have gotten your parking lot paved or on an industrial site, getting the correct markings on the asphalt will spruce up your space and safety.

      Therefore, it is best to hire a professional contractor that provides curbing and line striping services to ensure the safety of your surroundings.

    4. Milling and Grading

      Milling removes a part of the uppermost layer of an asphalt surface without tampering with the underlying base surface. Contractors use the process of milling to lay down a new upper asphalt surface without hampering the base and without increasing the height of the original surface.

      A reputed contractor will also offer grading services to ensure that the asphalt surface is packed compactly and meets industry standards. Besides conforming to the norms, grading will ensure that the newly paved asphalt surface is smooth and plain.

    5. Crack Filling

      If an asphalt surface lacks proper maintenance, it develops cracks that hamper its smoothness. A good contracting company will also offer crack filling services as a part of their maintenance package, wherein they will fill the crack using hot tar.

      Using hot tar to seal the crack will ensure water does not seep into and get stuck in the base layer of the asphalt road, thus preventing structural damage to the pavement.

    6. Seal coating

      The contractor from a professional paving company might recommend you get a seal coating for your asphalt surface. It provides an additional protective layer to the surface from harsh weather, oil spills, excess water, and regular wear and tears.

So, these are some services that asphalt paving contractors provide to their clients.

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