Monday, December 11, 2023
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Robert Hill

Cyturus Technologies

“All situations are different and a one size fits all strategy approach doesn’t work for all industries or verticals. Once a baseline is established, you should incorporate certain workplace changes which greatly impact the business risk an organization faces.”

Kasper Larsen


“Once satisfied, all products can be booked across all suppliers with a single click – and payment is easily done to one supplier: Evendo”

Peter Angood

President and CEO

“AAPL believes that, in order to succeed, healthcare must be quality-centered, safe, streamlined, measured, evidence-based, value-driven, innovative, fair and equitable, and physician-led.”

Bill Maher

Founder and CEO

“We like to treat our customers the way we like to be treated. And basically, our motto is laugh, be grateful, positive and hospitable and make people feel good. We think outside the box and we write new stories.”

Bob Fitch

Founder and CEO

“In today’s world – as amply demonstrated by the Covid-19 pandemic – it is impossible to eliminate all risks so our aim should be to get better at mitigating them.”


After recent supply chain difficulties, is there smooth sailing ahead?

Yes, the latest jobs data may look disappointing, but leisure and transportation sectors give reason for cheer

How Climate change forced businesses to evolve from CSR to ESG?

Businesses tend to value profit over people and planet. Climate change is forcing them to evolve.

Tim Houlne


“Humach maximizes the efficiency of sales and support by combining the strengths of both humans and artificial intelligence to deliver experiences customers want with results businesses need.”

Karin Hurt


“It’s funny you should ask that question. Dealing with ambiguity and change is the topic of our most popular blog article. You can’t always choose what you show up to, but you can always choose how you show up. We stay grounded in our values and in our mission. We’re willing to experiment and try new approaches. During this pandemic, we had to completely transform our business from 90% in-person to 100% virtual. We feel so grateful that our clients were willing to adapt with us. Our business has been thriving during this challenging time.”

Ron Packard

CEO & Founder

“Every child should be whatever they want to be in life, regardless of their birthplace or circumstances.”


When the reporter becomes the story.

Nobel Peace Prize for journalists serves as reminder that freedom of the press is under threat from strongmen and social media


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