Bill Maher: A Pioneer in Health and Skin-care Industry.

Revolutionary CEOs


Meet Bill Maher, the Founder, and CEO of Curativa Bay and Bioxy Research. He is a global logistics visionary leader with an impressive record of success in implementing innovations for entrepreneurial endeavours. By establishing different businesses in similar and distinct industries, his solid dedication and hard work have etched his name as a revolutionary leader. He laid the foundation of his two companies and led them to success in less than a decade. His keen comprehension of various aspects of the business helped him to transform them into globally recognized organizations.   

Curativa Bay’s Revolutionary Products

Founded in 2017, Curativabay® is a Leader in All-Natural Vegan Organic Hypoallergenic Skin Care. It produces simple yet innovative spa-quality products leveraging forest/ocean-sourced organic and natural ingredients. Whilst its flagship product’s unique formula is tightly based on breakthrough technology, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) that was also used in World War I for its medicinal and healing abilities. The company initiated development, now flagship product, organic HOCI Skin Spray that has overwhelmed the industry with its array of benefits to the skin. “And, from there we went off into making a broad line of skincare products with about nine skews that use nothing but organic and natural ingredients with HOCL as the flagship product. Everything’s sourced and manufactured here in the US,” says Bill. He and his team are continuously striving to create products that increase skin health repair, reduce sun damage, and results in more youthful-looking skin. The company learned long ago that stabilized organic hypochlorous acid is possibly the strongest anti-microbial disinfectant that is also found in the human body. “HOCl is the most important natural material produced by the human body that can be synthesized on a commercial scale – pure and stable – and made available for everyday use in cosmetic care. HOCl, which is produced by human white blood cells and other cells found in skin and brain tissues, acts as the body’s “initial responder” to irritation and injury, eliminating blemishes Acne, hastening wound healing, and maintaining skin health and wellness at all stages of life,” says Bill. “There is just nothing comparable in the entire range of natural products that can provide so many benefits to skincare.”

Bill Maher

“We like to treat our customers the way we like to be treated. And basically, our motto is laugh, be grateful, positive and hospitable and make people feel good. We think outside the box and we write new stories.”

A leadership Style worth Adopting 

Bill is a decisive leader who makes the right decisions that benefit the business altogether. He says, “There are new problems, new issues that come up every day, you have to be able to think on your feet, you have to be able to make split-second decisions, and hope that most of them are correct.” To be that proficient, he has been constantly educating himself throughout his career and utilizes his knowledge for elevating the organization to reach the stature it enjoys today. He comprehends that the world is robustly adapting to digitalization and to grow in this fast world one must be in parallel to these advancements. “Thus, we’ve had to learn to deal with that and come up with different strategies on how increase our market,” he asserts.

He mentions various skin afflictions that people face include rosacea, acne, dry skin, and others. “So, we start off with a problem, and then we create a solution,” says Bill. His company has a vast database with almost 350 formulations. Yet, it ensures that every developed product must include natural and organic ingredients. The testing of these ingredients is carried out under the supervision of the company’s CTO, Ph.D. Microbiologist Dr. Al Granite. With thorough research, he hand-picks the ingredients to match the requirements of desired products and sends them for manufacturing. Later these products are supplied to 20 spas in Tampa Bay smiles aestheticians to use and receive a better understanding of its products. Based on the reports gained from these spas, the company decides on the commercialization of the product. “Then we make the labels, get the designs from our art department, select the packaging, and, and we can usually commercialize it from that time within two weeks,” says Bill.

A Venture into Bioxy

Bioxy is another venture started by Bill initially to remediate heavy metals and salts from farmlands in China, mostly in the Shandong Province. Mostly the wastewater exited from agriculture farmlands and industries is high in organic waste, H2S, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, salts, ammonia, and/or other toxins. Bioxy’s next-generation organic water solutions manage various issues related to sludge management, algae, and excess nutrient loading, hydrogen sulfide, and odor control, water quality (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, EC, and ORP). The company fabricated a program utilizing biopolymers to their large carbon atom that attract magnetically heavy metals. It cleanses by removing non-toxic materials dropping the chemical loads to undetectable. He elaborates on the process, “We did a lot of removing salts from fracking sites. The process of fracking produces drill cuttings that have up to 70,000 PPM salts and through this technology, reduces it to undetectable”

Biggest Players in the Hypochlorous Market

Bill mentions that several associated companies in collaboration with the University of Montana has successfully developed two different microbes which sequester sodium and chloride elements into their cell structure. He adds, “And when we put those to work in that mountain of drill cuttings, removes nearly all the salts and that land can again be used for productive farming.  Currently that company is using a harmless non-toxic Hypochlorous as an EPA approved disinfectant primarily in public places replacing the toxic chemicals used for facility disinfection removing all liability and keeping people safe.”

Bill claims that the company’s current product—hypochlorous acid, is its biggest success so far. Amidst COVID-19, safety has been the biggest concern for every individual in or out of business. Many public places like restaurants were only allowed to run under the strict COVID-19 guidelines. Bill saw an opportunity and introduced products that could be utilized to sanitize these public spaces. “So, we found out that there’s been a lot of testing, we know that it kills COVID, we actually had to start another company that deals with surface cleaning, using the same product so that we can make the claims against you know, killing COVID,” says Bill. Currently, as the company is the biggest player in the Hypochlorous market, it is constantly developing new product offerings to entice more customers and exploring its possible benefits for the greater good. “Everything we produce is handmade and a lot of people appreciate that,” Bill adds. “New brands are coming up. We were the first but once the people can become aware of how amazing Hypochlorous is, we attract new customers daily.”