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Nippon Data

A leading Unified Endpoint Management Provider

In the digital realm, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. Nippon Data Systems Limited is the 'NEWTON family' that provides IT-enabled business solutions. Their goal is to provide a competitive advantage to their clients and allow them to 'Live Your Enterprise Potential'.

Ever since Nippon Data System was established in 1994, it has worked to build a foundation which has helped them grow into one of the leaders of their segment. They are positioned in Noida, U.P. in conjunction with an office in Mumbai and soon going to begin operations in Thailand & Singapore. With employee strength of around 400, they have been a diverse set of businesses for the last 24 years. Nippon Data professionals have encountered and conquered complex problems. They specialize in solving all sorts of business needs by harnessing technology. They enable this for their client partners by developing customized and standard information systems for them. For Nippon, client satisfaction is the ONLY measure of success.

“Being an ERP company, Nippon Data Systems understands its customer's needs from a much larger perspective which has endowed us with a distinct competitive advantage,” affirms Harish Saraf, CEO, Nippon Data Systems

Their portfolio of offerings includes solutions for ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, PLM, Human Capital & Financial Management, Enterprise Performance and Asset Management, Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and BI services. Nippon’s ERP software- Newton ERP, stands as the company’s flagship product that caters to the information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments and integrates every part of the business under one roof. The extensive expertise Nippon has achieved through delivering ERP software has helped the company gain an in-depth understanding of its customer’s expectations allowing them to succeed in the CRM market as well.

The logo of Nippon Data Systems
“Our CRM product, therefore, has an inbuilt intelligence and has been largely accepted in the CRM space with many references of high customer satisfaction,”
Harish Saraf
CEO, Nippon Data

Nippon’s entrepreneurial leaders

Harish has Bachelors of Technology in computer science and is a gold medal holder for his efficiency in his academia. He came back to India from the United States to establish Nippon Data Systems where he set up NEWTON ERP with his team and later built other business applications with a unique approach.

Harish Kumar Saraf, CEO & Founder

Ashish has over 15 years of experience in consulting. He has done his MBA in Finance and has been a part of leading clients implementation.

Ashish Kumar Saraf, Director of Nippon Data

Together they envisioned the corporation as a high-tech performer. They have the vision to make Nippon the leading solutions provider. They have implemented an energetic and innovative approach in conducting their business

Strategic approaches that echo Success

Nippon Data has invested several thousands of man-years of effort in bringing 'NEWTON ENTERPRISE SUITE' set of business solutions to life. This industry-specific 'NEWTON SOLUTIONS' help clients afford Enterprise Resource Planning that can be implemented faster than any other solution and facilitates the lowest cost of Total Ownership. Nippon Data uses Oracle’s technologies as a database system. It uses the widely used Microsoft’s .NET as its application framework. It is noteworthy that all Newton Flagship Products (Newton ERP and Newton CRM) are available as web applications. This means Nippon Data customers can access their systems anywhere and at all time. Nippon’s solutions use AGILE as their development model of choice. This means iteration is rapid and their solutions can be very quickly adjusted to suit their customer’s needs. They use a system of continuous feedback multiple gathered from a diverse set of industry domains and organizations including but not limited to SMEs, SMBs and enterprises. Nippon’s leaders understand that ‘One size does not fit all’.

Welcome to Nippon’s luxurious exclusive suite

Newton ERP

Newton ERP software solution help enterprises to see more. The integration of data across different Business Intelligence platforms in an enterprise allows customers to have great visibility in all regions of their business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level making. Their web-based approach allows for easy deployability across a wide range of platforms.

Newton E-Skilling

With the explosion in network infrastructure all around the world it makes sense to use it for skilling members of an organization. NEWTON Skill Management and Development System (SDMS) provides end to end solution for implementing and managing the entire skilling ecosystem. Its salient features are Affiliation and accreditation of the training partners and training centers, sector skills councils management, job roles definitions, training center's continuous monitoring and schemes definition.

Nippon Data Newton ERP Solutions


Newton SIMPPLIFY is a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with suppliers from budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and provide auction and reverse auction functionality as well. The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with businesses back-end ERP and other software applications which are required to make the interaction with suppliers completely seamless.

Newton CRM

Automation is the future. Businesses who automate will be the ones who remain competitive. Newton CRM is a distinctive, state of the art software that gives businesses the option to manage and automate various crucial business functions. It is envisioned to automate all non-financial and financial wants of businesses, which can be obstacles in development and consume extraordinary assets.

For a company to be recognized for operational excellence one needs constant effort to improve efficiency, in all aspects of their relationship, with the customers as well as their employees. Honesty, integrity, ethical business conduct, trust (customers, employees, partners) and personal ownership of responsibility-- assists in decision-making processes. This explains how Nippon has succeeded where others have failed. In their journey as a business, they started off as a solutions provider to the manufacturing sector, but very soon had clients all across the globe. Their satisfied patrons in manufacturing, retail, distribution, logistics, automobile, hospitality, EPC, etc. can testify to their quality products.

CC: Commitment to Consistency

To eternity and beyond

In the pursuit to be among the Top 5 Preferred Solution Providers in the markets, Nippon has cultivated a very unique style. They team worships at the altar of cutting edge technology. That is how they aim to provide the competitive business advantage their client's desire. They have a workplace environment which encourages their employees to develop their own innovative applications. This management practice allows their employees to see Nippon not just as an employer but a place where they can actually grow into powerful innovators of the future. Finally but probably the most important quality they cultivate in the Nippon family is the quality to conduct business with the highest degree of ethics and treat every transaction with fairness and honesty it deserves.

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