Australia is a growing hub for people seeking quality education. As of November 2021, the country had about 568,746 international students enrolled in various courses.

Accommodation accounts for a significant part of living costs. It also affects the quality of school/college experience you might have. There are several off-campus student housing options in Australia that are affordable, secure, offer premium facilities, and are conveniently located near Universities.

Why Should You Choose Off-Campus Student Rental Housings in Australia?

If you are still wondering if staying off-campus is the right choice, here are the reasons that will help you decide.

Different Room Types to Select From

You can choose a room type according to your requirement and budget in an off-campus setting. For example, you can have a single-occupancy bedroom in a shared apartment. You could also have a private bathroom while sharing other facilities like the kitchen, lounge, and dining area.

Or, if you wish to have your own space, you can look into standard or premium studio apartment rooms. These rooms include facilities such as a private bathroom, kitchenette, study area, and ample storage space.

Budget-Friendly Options

Staying off-campus is comparatively budget-friendly to on-campus housing. For example, staying on-campus at the University of Melbourne can cost anywhere from $405 to $570. On the other hand, you could explore off-campus options with rents around $359 to $450.

There are off-campus housing rentals that offer assistance programs and scholarships. If you qualify for the scholarship, you could avail of discounts on weekly rates or receive accommodations below the market rates.

Enjoy Premium Facilities

Off-campus housing offers security and support facilities like electronic access cards for apartments, CCTV cameras, and 24/7 onsite support. With unlimited free wifi, you can stay connected regardless of where you are in the building. You could change your study routine by making the most of the range of study areas around the property.

You could enjoy a barbeque with friends or take a break, get some fresh air in the courtyard. Other shared facilities you can make use of include:

    • Lounge and game areas

    • Gyms

    • Library

    • Onsite laundry

Some housing rentals also offer complimentary breakfast facilities ensuring you never run to class on an empty stomach.

Be a Part of the Student Community

By staying on a student housing property, you can have your privacy when required and interact with students worldwide when you wish. In addition, you can look at the event calendar, participate, engage, and get to know new people.

Stay Close to Campus and Get the Best of Both Worlds

There are off-campus housing options available within 2km of the University. You can easily walk, cycle, or take public transport to reach the campus.

You can have a safe, clean, and premium place to stay off-campus, and with such proximity, you can hop on to the campus when required.

Affordability, safety, quality facilities, different room types, convenient location, being a part of the student community while having your privacy are some of the advantages offered by off-campus rental housings. Get talking to student accommodation providers to know more.

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